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Can you handle the truth? Tony Gallagher is right about Roberto Luongo (minus the diva part)

    Tony Gallagher was the centre of a bit of controversy this week when he dropped the “diva” bomb on Roberto Luongo. His article titled “Gallagher: Time for Luongo to cut the diva routine” caused more than a little bit of anger towards Gallagher, who I’m sure is used to it by now. It […]

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Here's to you, Paul Carson

Sad news yesterday as legendary local broadcaster Paul Carson passed away. Carson had been battling pancreatic cancer. I never met Paul Carson but his accomplishments were lengthy. He was the brains behind Sports Page and also started up the Team 1040. Perhaps no person has shaped the local sports scene more than Paul Carson. He did a lot of it in front of the camera, but even more behind camera. He’s responsible for essentially discovering Don Taylor, John Shorthouse, Dave Randorf, Barry McDonald, Scott Rintoul and Blake Price (among others).

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Friday Night Fights: Burke vs Gillis, Gallagher vs Suitor

The all holier than though Brian Burke is at it again. In a video posted on the Toronto Maple Leafs official website, Burke at the 2009 NHL Entry Draft tells the camera about a rumour he heard.

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Eklund, Tweeting and the New Volcano Taco!

Just a few thoughts about some of the rumours we’ve heard in the last few days about free agency. With rumour blogs such as Eklund / countless twitter accounts, asks: what stories have they really broken?

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