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Canucks vs Lightning Game Preview – January 1, 2014

The Vancouver Canucks are looking to kick off 2014 on a positive note with a New Year’s Day tilt against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Will the Canucks be suffering from the same hangover as everyone else? Will I be able to finish this preview before succumbing to New Years Eve celebrations? And will this post […]

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Hi NHL, Who the F'k Reads Comics Anymore?

Okay, so yesterday, Rob did a post about the NHL’s new Guardians project. First off, who the f’k reads comics anymore? I mean, I get that there are still plenty of longtime diehard fans of comics and graphic novels. But the goal of this partnership with Stan Lee is to attract young fans. Young fans […]

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A Canucks Superhero!

Well Canucks fans, what do you think of this? Meet “Canuck”, one of 30 NHL super heroes. Sort of like Batman if he lived in the sea. You can read all about his super powers here. This is all part of a new partnership between the NHL and the creator of Spider Man, Stan Lee. Will it inspire young fans to take an interest in the NHL? I’m not sure, but I guess it’s worth a shot. Personally, it’s not doing anything for me, but they’re kind of funny to look at.

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The Return of Matt Pettinger and Your Daily Injury Update

How bad are the Canucks injury woes? Well, they’ve brought back a Tampa Bay Lightning cast-off! Yeeesh. Actually, I don’t mind this signing. Matt Pettinger was re-signed by Mike Gillis yesterday. With all their injuries at the moment, bringing a veteran NHL forward who can skate and kill penalties probably isn’t a bad idea.

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Strip Shootout!

Check out this video taken from the Tampa Bay Lightning practice. The team played a game of “strip shootout”. Basically it’s like strip poker, with the shooter removing an article of clothing every time they don’t score. Martin St Louis appears to be the big loser, having to remove a whole lot of equipment. Gary Bettman, are you watching this? Sounds like a great idea for the skills competition at All Star Weekend to me!

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