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Flukiest goals in Canucks history

The Canucks lost to the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night due in large part to one of the luckiest/flukiest goals of all-time. That had me thinking, where exactly does this rank all-time in Canucks history?

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Say it with me… The VANCOUVER CANUCKS are going to the Stanley Cup Final!

I was twelve years old when Jim Robson famously called “the Vancouver Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup FINAL!” after Greg Adams’ famous goal in 1994. And now 17 years later, a new generation has a iconic call of their own (give kudos to John Shorthouse, he wasn’t fooled). It wasn’t pretty, but the Canucks were the best team in this series versus the Sharks, and deserve it. This team keeps winning, and they keep doing it in different ways. Lets review how it all went down last night:

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