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Manny Malhotra WILL play in game 2… Probably

Manny Malhotra was back on the ice practicing with the Canucks on Friday, doing line rushes with Victor Oreskovich and Jeff Tambellini. He has been cleared to play, so presumably he will play in game 2. We have seen this movie before of course, when Malhotra was cleared to play, but didn’t in game 1. But assuming that Malhotra doesn’t experience a setback between now and the pre-game skate, we will see him in the lineup for game 2.

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Canucks vs. Predators Round 2 Series Preview: 10 Things You Need to Know

As the second round begins Thursday evening, here’s a few quick hits on what to watch for as the Canucks try to move on to the third round for the first time since 1994…

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Game 3 Recap – Blackhawks Outsmart Canucks

What a debacle game 3 of the second round turned out to be. A 5-2 result in which the Canucks looked out of it past the 10 minute mark of the 1s t period. At the end of the night I felt like the Blackhawks had won, and won easily. In game 2 they had to scratch and claw their way to victory, but not in game 3.

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Sedins April 2010 Calendar Wallpaper!!!

We’re finally in the home stretch and we’ve saved the best for the last month of the regular season, the Sedin twins! PS, WHAT A F’N BARGAIN @ 6.5 MILLION!!!

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NHL Sex Scandals.. Would Anyone Give a Crap?

So with news of Tiger taking a hiatus from golf because everyone and their daughter has “transgressed” with him, I had a random thought.. If anything remotely like this happened to an NHL star, would anyone (outside of hardcore hockey fans) give a flying crap? What would it take for the mainstream media, and more importantly the National Inquirers and TMZes of the world, to take notice and publish an article or two?

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Sedins Re-sign, Gaborik to the Rangers and More!

That’s right! The twins are back, this time making $6.1 million a season. That can only mean one thing. Now Sedin bashers will be adding “overpaid” to the list of things they don’t like about the Sedins (also on the list? They’re Swedish, soft, too polite, boring, don’t produce in the playoffs, too slow, etc.). All the Sedins have done is disprove each one of those allegations one by one, which is why they are indeed worth $6.1 million.

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The Night Before Christmas…

On the day before July first, there’s still a lot of uncertainty as to which direction the Canucks will go, not just for next season, but the next bunch of seasons. Daniel and Henrik, fresh off a Stockholm visit from Mike Gillis and their agent JP Barry, are presumably pondering a last ditch offer from […]

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