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Canucks vs Capitals Game Preview – October 28, 2013

The Vancouver Canucks and their fans are riding high after an improbable win against the St. Louis Blues on Friday night. The win capped off their best road trip in franchise history and things seems to be coming together for John Tortorella and the Canucks. Will a visit from Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals […]

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Four Reasons Why Rogers Arena is so Quiet

Ed Willes wrote a nice little column in the Province today about how Rogers Arena is a quiet place to play hockey right now. This caused quite the ruckus on Twitter after the Team 1040 piggybacked on the article, as they often do. I think every show on the Team 1040 had a poll question […]

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Budweiser Girls and Other New and Exciting Things at Rogers Arena This Season

The Canucks lost their season opener in a shootout last night, but I’d like to focus on something else. There are a lot of changes inside of Rogers Arena. In case you haven’t been there yet this year, lets take a look. New Beer Molson is gone from Rogers Arena. That means that Rickard’s Red […]

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Manny Malhotra will play in game 1

Great news from the Canucks today, as it was revealed that Manny Malhotra has been medically cleared to play hockey again. Media outlets aren’t saying when he’s going to play, but I will. He will play in game 1. I base this on the fact that Cody Hodgson is getting very few minutes on the 4th line right now, and the fact that Malhotra has been skating for weeks. He should be in decent game shape. So if he’s medically able to play (which he is), he’ll play.

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Canucks-Blackhawks Game 7 Fan Experience

I’ve been to two game sevens now. My record stands at .500, but both times, a flair for the dramatic has kept Canucks fans’ hearts pumping non-stop, clammy hands clenched, and knees and feet shaking uncontrollably. My first game seven was in 2004, when the Canucks played the Flames (the game where Matt Cooke scored shorthanded with five seconds left, only to have the Flames respond on the same PP in OT), but that will have to wait for another time. My second, was tonight.

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Canucks Sellout Streak Over?

I don’t know it for sure, but I believe the Canucks sellout streak is over at Rogers Arena. Now, the Canucks aren’t admitting this, and the game notes on for tonight’s game claim that they have 322 consecutive sellouts. But over the last little while I’ve noticed a few things that make me doubt the current sellout streak.

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