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Chicago Hope: Blackhawks Win Game 4

Hey, did you read my blog posting yesterday titled: “Canucks-Blackhawks Game 4 Preview – Get Your Brooms Ready”? It appears some of the Canucks did, because they looked like an overconfident team in game 4. The Blackhawks have life.

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Canucks-Blackhawks Game 4 Preview – Get Your Brooms Ready

As the Canucks and Blackhawks head into game 4, I have come to the conclusion that the Canucks are just too talented, too deep and too healthy for the Chicago Blackhawks. The Hawks look tired. Patrick Sharp, Troy Brouwer and maybe even Jonathan Toews are playing hurt. On top of that, they’re playing without the injured Dave Bolland and Tomas Kopecky. The Canucks are without Manny Malhotra, but other than that, they’re as healthy as you could expect at this time of the year.

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Canucks-Blackhawks Game 3 Preview: Raffi's Back

There are a couple of ways to look at the Canucks 4-3 win over the Blackhawks on Friday night. On one hand, the Blackhawks finally found a way to get pucks past Roberto Luongo. Ben Smith and Viktor Stalberg scored on Luongo, and they weren’t great goals. If the Blackhawks can get goals from their depth players on a regular basis, they will climb back in this series. Another way to look at it is that the Canucks were able to win game when they let the likes of Ben Smith and Viktor Stalberg score and get an average game from Roberto Luongo.

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March 2011 Calendar featuring Roberto Luongo!!!

Not the biggest Luongo fan but even I gotta admit he’s been great (and more importantly consistent) for the best team in the league! Let’s hope he can step it up in the playoffs!

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You may or may not have noticed but this past week, we updated our site as part of our preparation for this upcoming season. Even more importantly, we applied, got accepted and joined the Yardbarker Network last week. Why’d I choose to do this? Mainly because I wanted to give Robert (and our other writers) a larger audience for our sophomore season and for us to connect with a network of like-minded enthusiastic sports bloggers. Well, guess what? Jeff, from the YBN team, just emailed me this bit of AWESOME news today.. Our Luongo article was selected and given billboard treatment on the NHL page!

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Luongo Gives up C, H. Sedin or Kesler to Become New Captain?

Roberto Luongo did what a lot of people anticipated on Monday and relinquished captaincy for the Vancouver Canucks. I think this is a positive move and it was done in such a way that everyone saves face. Gillis hinted that he wouldn’t mind Luongo giving up the C, but ultimately allowed Luongo to make the decision. Getting rid of the C should help Luongo focus on stopping the puck, although pressure on him will still be high. But by giving the C to someone else, that will deflect some of the pressure.

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Canucks Cup Favourites? That can't be good news…

The Hockey News has sparked a lot of talk in the hockey world lately by picking the Canucks to win the Western Conference last Wednesday. The Hockey News has also picked the boys from the West Coast to win the Stanley Cup this season. This is significant because to the best of my knowledge, no well respected publication has ever picked the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup at the beginning of a season. This, of course, terrifies me.

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Mitchell out, Torres in and who's got the C?

After weeks of rumours, Willie Mitchell finally ended the suspense on Wednesday, signing a two-year deal worth $3.5 million per season. According to most, including yours truly, he hit a home run. While still a very effective defenseman, I thought that he would have to give up a little bit more money and/or term given his age and concussion history. Quite simply, he was out of the Canucks price range. The Canucks are very deep on defense and already have an injury riddled d-man they’re holding their breathe on with Sami Salo.

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The 2009-2010 Vancouver Canucks, How Bad Was It?

Well, we’ve all had a chance to take a deep breath, sit back and really think about the year that was for our beloved Vancouver Canucks. Gone is the emotion/heartbreak/disappointment/anger from their second straight second round loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. What’s left is a better chance for impartial analysis as to what they did, what they have and what they should do.

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