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Canucks vs Rangers Game Preview – November 30, 2013

The Canucks are back and looking to continue their roll against the Eastern Conference. Will Alain Vigneault and the Rangers have anything to say about that? Or will they just keep reminding us of that time they ruined our dreams? Read on to find out.

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John Tortorella is the right choice to be the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks

John Tortorella is the man that is most well suited to become the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks. I will admit, this opinion took me a while to come around on. Tortorella is loud, rude, and has a temper. He is everything that Mike Gillis isn’t (style-wise anyway), but the man can coach. […]

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Watch the Final Episode of HBO 24/7 Rangers-Flyers Right Here!

The final episode of 24/7 Rangers-Flyers is another beauty. The Winter Classic is played during this episode, which featured Ilya Bryzgalov sitting on the bench with his thermos full of tea, and Mike Rupp doing his best Jaromir Jagr impression. Enjoy!

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Watch HBO 24/7 Rangers-Flyers Episode 3

The good people over at YouTube are now wise to people uploading HBO’s 24/7, so unlike for episode 1 and episode 2 you have to go elsewhere to find episode 3.

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HBO 24/7 Rangers-Flyers Episode 2

Episode 1 lived up to the hype. It featured a whole lot of swearing (as usual), John Tortorella ripping into Marian Gaborik and Ilya Bryzgalov telling us about the universe.

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HBO’s 24/7 Rangers-Flyers Episode 1

The second season of HBO’s 24/7 series debuted last night and once again it’s the best thing on television. Last year’s show featured the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals in the weeks leading up to the Winter Classic. It was quite simply the most in depth look behind the scenes of an NHL hockey team. […]

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