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Who will stay? Who will go? Mike Gillis' Offseason Game Plan

The countdown to the free agent frenzy is on. July 1st marks the first day of free agency 2010 and the Canucks are sure to be busy. The Canucks currently have five regulars scheduled to become unrestricted free agents and four regulars set to become restricted free agents. Clearly not all of them will be back and some new players will be added via free agency. There is also the potential for young players to step into the lineup and more trades to happen. So what will Mike Gillis do? Well, lets try to figure that out right now:

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Game 1 Recap – Canucks Storm Niemi

The Canucks looked like a team still pissed off about their series loss last year, storming the Blackhawks right off the hop, while the Blackhawks looked a bit surprised by the push and never really seemed to recover. They’ve earned at least a split in Chicago, which is huge for a team like the Canucks who are so much better at home than on the road.

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Mitchell and Kesler Altercation at Practice

Willie Mitchell and Ryan Kesler are fighting mad. Jim Jamieson is reporting that Ryan Kesler and Willie Mitchell almost fought this morning at practice. What is up with that? Usually this happens when a team is in the midst of a losing streak, not just right after a win. It also doesn’t usually happen with two assistant captains. Even weirder is that this is the second time that Willie Mitchell has been involved in something like this in the last calendar year. During an eight game losing streak last year, Mitchell was involved in an altercation with Mason Raymond. Is this a case of Willie Mitchell being a little chippy in practice? Or maybe there’s a rift in the dressing room. Either way, don’t believe the spin that’s sure to come, this is not a good sign.

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What's Wrong With this Team?

They’re 0-3 and in less than one week have gone from cup contenders to talentless bums (according to the bandwagon douchebags anyways). Well, the fact of the matter is that this team isn’t as good as those early season predictions (loyal readers already knew this after reading this post) and they’re not as bad as their 0-3 record suggests.

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Lets Get Some Love for Demitra

That’s right, I said it. Pavol Demitra revealed on Tuesday that he will likely miss another six weeks with a shoulder injury and what ensued was what can be described as mild jubilation on sports talk radio and message boards. Demitra has been described as too soft and too streaky, and many are suggesting that the Canucks would be better off without him.

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Mason Raymond Gets a Job at Dairy Queen, and a Sneak Peak at the New Team Canada Jerseys for 2010

Cool story from this week. Mason Raymond worked a shift at Dairy Queen yesterday, to help out with Miracle Treat Day. Proceeds of all Blizzards sold on Miracle Treat Day go to help the Children’s Hospital. Apparently this wasn’t a planned event, Raymond just happened to visit the DQ in Yaletown to get Kyle Wellwood a Peanut Buster Parfait, and was asked if he could help out this week.

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Spotlight on Mason Raymond

One of the biggest wild cards heading into the 2009-10 season will be Mason Raymond. After a mildly impressive rookie season in 07-08, Raymond was supposed to take the next step in the 08-09 season.

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