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DeBron’s Top 6 – Top 6 things I like about being a stay at home dad

Welcome again to another thrilling edition of the Top 6. As most of you know, I’m about 2 weeks into my new career as a stay at home dad. The pay’s terrible, the hours are long and there’s more crying than a Mark Messier press conference. But, the job does have some pretty sweet benefits. […]

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Mats Sundin’s Canucks Legacy

Mats Sundin’s #13 banner was raised to the rafters of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Saturday night, and it made me think back to his time in Vancouver. Sundin, as you might remember, spent half a season in blue and green during the 2008-09 season. The Mats Sundin that Canucks fans got to […]

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Remember Mark Messier? The Canucks Owe Him Some Cash

Mark Messier and the Vancouver Canucks will be going to arbitration over money that is still apparently owed to the retired crook hockey player. Great, now he’ll never get his jersey retired in Vancouver. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “didn’t Messier steal $18 million from the Canucks?” Messier, if you remember, played an uninspiring […]

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Remember when it sucked to be a Canucks fan?

Pictured above is former Canucks goaltender and current Sportsnet broadcaster John Garrett. This photo might have been taken during the 1984-85 season. That year Garrett earned the nickname “Lotto” because he finished the season with a goals against average of 6.49. To further refresh your memory, that season marked the last year the Canucks wore their flying V jerseys (possibly the ugliest jerseys of all-time), they started the year with Bill Laforge as their head coach and finished the year with a 25-46-9 record. It sucked to be a Canucks fan. Patrick Sundstrom was their leading scorer with a mighty 68 points (only 140 points behind the league leader, Wayne Gretzky). As bad as they were, they finished with the fourth worst record in the league and selected Jim Sandlak fourth overall in the draft that summer (yikes), so not exactly a great reward for finishing poorly.

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