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Is Steve Pinizzotto the next Jason King? A lesson for locked out players

Remember Jason King? The unheralded 7th round pick from Corner Brook, Newfoundland was a pleasant surprise for the Vancouver Canucks in the early 2000s. After one and a half impressive seasons with the Manitoba Moose, King was solidifying a role in the NHL during the 2003-04 season. At age 22, he played 47 games for […]

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Three Steps to End the NHL Lockout

Just over a month ago I wrote about the NHL lockout, brimming with positivity, believing that it would end and we would get to see NHL hockey this season. Well, I’m still positive, but this time I’m also angry. I still believe there will be NHL hockey this season. The owners and players are simply […]

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Will there be an NHL season? Rob thinks so

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the NHL lockout. Almost two months in fact. But in case our loyal readership is wondering, yes, I’m keeping a close eye on the proceedings. And I’m feeling positive. Lets skip the whole outrage thing. Everyone’s mad that there’s no hockey and so am I. Lets just […]

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Dale Weise Signs Overseas

According to Jon Keen (@JonKeenNLSports) Vancouver Canucks winger and all-star twitter user Dale Weise has signed to play in Tilburg in the Dutch Pro League. In any event Weise is headed overseas, the first of the Canucks to do so. Hopefully his “hash and whores” mantra keeps him over there. This is as sad as […]

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The 2012 NHL Lockout Explained

For those of you looking for a bit of clarity on why a bunch of millionaires and billionaires are arguing over who gets the bigger piece of the NHL pie, listen up! For Rob the Hockey Guy is back (I’ll try not to refer to myself in the third person ever again). It’s been a […]

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