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DeBron’s Top 6: a Joe Thornton inspired Top 6

Well, thank you Joe Thornton. A goal 77 seconds into the game and I think we all thought the same thing: “I hope he scores 4. Remember what he said he would do if he scored 4? Hahahahahahahah that would be so funny.” Well he didn’t. And the Canucks won. But it still gave me […]

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Canada's Rough Road Ahead

After a long absence (bloggers get caught up in the Olympic hoopla too you know), is back with a look at the Olympic hockey tournament. Most notably, what’s wrong with Team Canada, and what is head coach Mike Babock going to do about to fix things? Brodeur vs Luongo The pundits have spoken, and they are in almost total agreement: Luongo should start the next game.

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NHL Sex Scandals.. Would Anyone Give a Crap?

So with news of Tiger taking a hiatus from golf because everyone and their daughter has “transgressed” with him, I had a random thought.. If anything remotely like this happened to an NHL star, would anyone (outside of hardcore hockey fans) give a flying crap? What would it take for the mainstream media, and more importantly the National Inquirers and TMZes of the world, to take notice and publish an article or two?

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Canada Has a New Cheer! According to Pepsi That is…

Have you seen the big Pepsi marketing campaign asking for Canadians to submit a new cheer for cheering on Team Canada in 2010? Essentially they wanted Canadians (or customers) to come up with a Canadian equivalent to “U-S-A U-S-A!” or “Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!”. Well, it seems as though they’ve come up with a cheer. Canada, get ready for… “Eh-Oh-Canada-Go“.

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The West Gets Tougher: Heatley Traded to San Jose

The Western Conference just got a lot tougher for Luongo & Co. Dany Heatley has finally been traded, as rumoured, to the San Jose Sharks.

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Blast From the Past… Scatchard Attempts Comeback with Canucks

In the latest development in what can now be considered an unusual career, the pride of Salmon Arm, Dave Scatchard will be trying out with the Canucks in training camp.

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