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The 2013 Shapys

The 3rd annual Shapys happened on Sunday evening. For those of you not in the know, the Shapys are a fictional awards show that have a whole lot of meaning with a large group of Canucks fans on Twitter. Still confused? I don’t blame you. The Shapys were named after the “shap crew”, which are a […]

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Is the Vancouver Sports Media Too Negative?

I have had the opinion for quite some time that the Vancouver sports media are much too negative when it comes to anything and everything to do with the Vancouver Canucks. I’m not saying that all journalists/reporters/media types are negative. Guys like Dan Murphy, Jason Botchford and Don Taylor are actually quite balanced when covering […]

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Dan Russell leaving CKNW, Dave Pratt returns to Team 1040 to co-host with Brother Jake and more!

It has been a bit of a wild summer on the sports radio scene in Vancouver. There are a whole bunch of moving parts and I will try to outline as many as I can:

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Manny Malhotra will play in game 1

Great news from the Canucks today, as it was revealed that Manny Malhotra has been medically cleared to play hockey again. Media outlets aren’t saying when he’s going to play, but I will. He will play in game 1. I base this on the fact that Cody Hodgson is getting very few minutes on the 4th line right now, and the fact that Malhotra has been skating for weeks. He should be in decent game shape. So if he’s medically able to play (which he is), he’ll play.

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Manny Malhotra Skates, May Return This Season

It was a slow day in Canuckland today given that the team has been given their second day off without practicing and the fact that they won’t play game 1 of the conference finals until Sunday. That was, until Jason Botchford of the Province dropped this in the Twitter world:

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