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Sochi 2014 Olympic Hockey Preview: Team Austria

Austria is far from a hockey power and a surprise entry into the Olympic hockey tournament. A country of approximately 8 million people, it is known more for alpine skiing and soccer than hockey. Remarkably, Austria’s national hockey team finds itself in the Olympic Games, with the top 12 hockey playing countries in the world.

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Mike Gillis’ trade history

For the first time in his tenure as Canucks general manager, the topic of firing Mike Gillis is being discussed heavily by a significiant number of Canucks fans. This is ludicrous, of course. Mike Gillis has been in charge of the Canucks for 5 seasons and the results speak for themselves. The team has won […]

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Introducing Geraldz Diduck – Round 2 Preview

The so-called “parity” of the salary cap era is on display, as the three top seeds are now eliminated in the East. But what about the parity between the West and the East? It seems as though the only strong team remaining in the East is the Pittsburgh Penguins and compared to their counterparts in the West; San Jose, Chicago, Detroit and Vancouver, they look overmatched.

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