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We are all Tortorella

It was like watching a WWE Royal Rumble when the Kings and “Burrard Street Bullies” went at it on Monday. By now, you have seen, heard and debated all of the incidents that took place, so I won’t rehash each one in detail here. Was the game a moral victory? What exactly constitutes a “moral […]

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About Milan Lucic: enough already!

If you weren’t paying attention to Twitter or sports radio today, you’re lucky. It was 2011 all over again with mud slinging all around. And why? The Canucks beat the Bruins 6-2 two nights ago (it feels good to write that), so you would think we could move on to more exciting things than which […]

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Are the Canucks Tough Enough? The Myth of the Heavyweight and the Role of the 4th Line

There has been a lot of nonsense spewing from the airwaves of the Team 1040 radio station in the last few days. You see, the Canucks have suffered a few injuries and in turn a few on air radio personalities (and callers) have decided that they need a heavyweight enforcer! I, for one, think it’s a gross overreaction.

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