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Canucks vs Blackhawks Game Preview – December 20, 2013

After their first regulation loss in nine games, the Canucks are right back at it and visiting the United Centre for their second game of back to backs. How will they respond to their first regulation loss in December? Read on to find out.

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Why We Hate: The Chicago Blackhawks

“Why we hate”: an ongoing series analyzing the teams, players, and things that piss Canucks fans off the most. Today’s edition is the Canucks opponent on Friday: the Chicago Blackhawks.

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Stanley Cup Final Breakdown, Matchup and Prediction

With a 8 for 14 prediction rate so far in these playoffs, Canuckz.com has predicted about as accurately as Maggie the Monkey. With that said, we’re pretty stubborn here at Canuckz.com and we’re not giving up. So without further ado, here is the MUCH anticipated Canuckz.com Stanley Cup Final prediction:

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Introducing Geraldz Diduck – Round 2 Preview

The so-called “parity” of the salary cap era is on display, as the three top seeds are now eliminated in the East. But what about the parity between the West and the East? It seems as though the only strong team remaining in the East is the Pittsburgh Penguins and compared to their counterparts in the West; San Jose, Chicago, Detroit and Vancouver, they look overmatched.

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Canucks vs Blackhawks – Round 2 Series Preview and Prediction

This image (along with this song) has haunted Canucks fans for almost an entire calendar year. Patrick Kane, mouth guard dangling and all, scoring the insurance goal late in game 6, his third goal of the night. The Canucks insist that they should have won that series, to which I disagree (they had fewer points than Chicago, and were beaten in six!). The Hawks were the better team last year, and throughout the regular season have been the better team this year. No doubt, they are the favourites. With that said, this series should be a close one and could go either way, depending on a few keys of the series:

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Let the Second Guessing Begin: Team Canada Announced

The speculation about who will make Team Canada ended on Wednesday (Canuckz.com correctly predicted 16 of the 23 players named back in August… is that good?), as GM Steve Yzerman revealed the 2010 Canadian Olympic Hockey Team. As expected, lots of deserving players were left off, but lets start by looking at who made the team:

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