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DeBron’s Top 6: a Joe Thornton inspired Top 6

Well, thank you Joe Thornton. A goal 77 seconds into the game and I think we all thought the same thing: “I hope he scores 4. Remember what he said he would do if he scored 4? Hahahahahahahah that would be so funny.” Well he didn’t. And the Canucks won. But it still gave me […]

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DeBron’s Top 6 – Top 6 things I like about being a stay at home dad

Welcome again to another thrilling edition of the Top 6. As most of you know, I’m about 2 weeks into my new career as a stay at home dad. The pay’s terrible, the hours are long and there’s more crying than a Mark Messier press conference. But, the job does have some pretty sweet benefits. […]

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DeBron’s Top 6 – Top 6 things I WON’T miss about Vancouver

Hi Everybody! A refresher for those who know and an introduction for those who don’t: I used to be the producer of TEAM 1040’s morning show and I used to do a segment called the Top 6. People love lists and the debates they inspire. Without blowing too much smoke up my own ass, the […]

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