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Upon Further Review, Larscheid LET GO by Team 1040

Perhaps it was the media hoopla on the Team 1040 that made me overlook this, but upon further review it turns out that Tom Larscheid did not decide to retire, rather the Team 1040 decided for him. Team 1040 program director Rob Gray stated that the Team 1040 wanted to “look to the future”.

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Breaking News: Tom Larscheid to Retire!

Very disappointing news today, as it has been learned that longtime beloved Canucks colour commentator Tom Larscheid will retire from the broadcast booth after this year’s home opener versus the Los Angeles Kings. When I heard about this news this morning I was devastated! Larscheid is truly one of a kind. The Team 1040 have announced that Dave Tomlinson will be the new radio colour commentator.

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