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Flukiest goals in Canucks history

The Canucks lost to the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night due in large part to one of the luckiest/flukiest goals of all-time. That had me thinking, where exactly does this rank all-time in Canucks history?

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Enough with the jokes, Dan Cloutier is back with the Canucks

In a move that caused quite a few people to do a double take, the Canucks re-signed Dan Cloutier on Tuesday. No, not to play goal, but to become the team’s new goaltending consultant. Cloutier will work mostly with their AHL affiliate, the Chicago Wolves, as Rolie Melanson is remaining as the goaltending coach in […]

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Arguments I Hate: “Vancouver is a Goalie Graveyard”

Today is the first installment of a new feature I like to call “Arguments I Hate”. The premise is simple. I will present something that a lot of people say or believe is true, and tell you why it’s nonsense. Today we’ll look at the assertion that Vancouver is a ‘goalie graveyard’.

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Goaltending Controversy in Vancouver? Plus News from 'Roxy' O'Brien

Ok, maybe there’s not a true goaltending controversy in Canuckland these days, but if it weren’t for Roberto Luongo’s reputation, there would be. Luongo is having his worst season in a Canucks jersey, being pulled more times than ever, while Andrew Raycroft is enjoying the the best season by a Canucks backup since Alex Auld. Statistically speaking, Raycroft has better numbers. They share essentially the same save percentage (Luongo at .913, Raycroft at .914) and Raycroft has a better goals against average (Luongo at 2.55, Raycroft at 2.31). These stats should be skewed a bit given the fact that Luongo plays fatigued more often and usually plays the tougher teams, but this is still highly unusual for Luongo. Luongo typically has numbers far superior to his backup and is usually at the top of the league in GAA and SV%. This year, he’s middle of the pack, 18th in GAA and 17th in SV%. To put that in perspective, Dan Cloutier was 16th and 18th in GAA and SV% in 2003-04.

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Hodgson Injury, Vigneault's Contract, Cloutier's Comeback and More!

Nice to see Cody Hodgson back on the ice this week at Canucks prospect camp. Hodgson injured his back from the 120+ games he played at the NHL exhibition/OHL regular season and playoffs/AHL playoffs and had surgery on it over the summer.

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