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It’s time to re-sign Mike Santorelli

Mike Santorelli had a heck of game again on Sunday night against the Avalanche. The 27 year old Burnaby boy was named the first star (more importantly, he was given the Haida Gwaii hat) after scoring two goals and an assist, leading the Canucks to a 3-1 win over the Avs. Santorelli’s strong game is […]

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Vancouver Canucks extend Daniel and Henrik Sedin for 4 more years

The Canucks have extended Daniel and Henrik Sedin to matching 4 year deals, with a cap hit of $7.0M per season for each Sedin. This deal is a slight increase to their current deal of $6.1M per season The long awaited extension was finally signed today, with the Sedins taking what again appears to be […]

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Trading Roberto Luongo’s Contract

Roberto Luongo is a goalie. He gets paid a lot of money. The Canucks haven’t been able to trade him. Why? The answer to this question is far ranging, particularly if you don’t necessarily know the ins and outs of the NHL collective bargaining agreement. Luongo’s situation is a complex one, but lucky for you, […]

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Three Steps to End the NHL Lockout

Just over a month ago I wrote about the NHL lockout, brimming with positivity, believing that it would end and we would get to see NHL hockey this season. Well, I’m still positive, but this time I’m also angry. I still believe there will be NHL hockey this season. The owners and players are simply […]

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