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You may or may not have noticed but this past week, we updated our site as part of our preparation for this upcoming season. Even more importantly, we applied, got accepted and joined the Yardbarker Network last week. Why’d I choose to do this? Mainly because I wanted to give Robert (and our other writers) a larger audience for our sophomore season and for us to connect with a network of like-minded enthusiastic sports bloggers. Well, guess what? Jeff, from the YBN team, just emailed me this bit of AWESOME news today.. Our Luongo article was selected and given billboard treatment on the NHL page!

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Luongo Gives up C, H. Sedin or Kesler to Become New Captain?

Roberto Luongo did what a lot of people anticipated on Monday and relinquished captaincy for the Vancouver Canucks. I think this is a positive move and it was done in such a way that everyone saves face. Gillis hinted that he wouldn’t mind Luongo giving up the C, but ultimately allowed Luongo to make the decision. Getting rid of the C should help Luongo focus on stopping the puck, although pressure on him will still be high. But by giving the C to someone else, that will deflect some of the pressure.

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