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Team Slovakia


Will Slovakian hockey fans have much to cheer about in 2010? It’s doubtful, yet this is the most well-rounded team that Slovakia has ever put together. It’s also a team filled with guys that used to play in the NHL and even has a guy who isn’t playing hockey right now! Without further ado, Team Slovakia:

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Mathieu Schneider on Waivers


The Canucks have announced that Mathieu Schneider has been placed on waivers. In most likely not unrelated news, the Canucks have called up Alex Bolduc.

Disappointing news concerning Schneider in my opinion. Why exactly was he brought in?

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Team Sweden Roster Announced and Samuelsson is Pissed


The defending Olympic champions, Team Sweden, announced their 23 man roster on Sunday. The Swedes are flying a bit under radar at the moment, as a lot of their top players from years past are now retired or nearing retirement: Mats Sundin, Peter Forsberg and Nicklas Lidstrom.

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Team Russia Roster Revealed


Team Russia became the first of the contending teams to announce their roster for the 2010 Olympic hockey tournament on Friday. While Team Russia doesn’t have as much depth as Canada (nobody does), they still have enough depth to have a few controversial omissions from their roster. We’ll analyze who was left off in a minute (FUN!).

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Green Men Invade GM Place!


With the NHL Christmas break upon us, perhaps now would be a good time to review the Canucks’ season up to this point. Or perhaps now would be a good time to look at what players the Canucks might want to acquire as they make a push towards the playoffs. Right? Well, instead, lets look at those funny green men at the Canucks’ who distracted Shea Weber, Dave Scatchard and any other Predator that found his way in the penalty box last game. Enjoy!

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NHL Sex Scandals.. Would Anyone Give a Crap?


So with news of Tiger taking a hiatus from golf because everyone and their daughter has “transgressed” with him, I had a random thought.. If anything remotely like this happened to an NHL star, would anyone (outside of hardcore hockey fans) give a flying crap? What would it take for the mainstream media, and more importantly the National Enquirers and TMZes of the world, to take notice and publish an article or two?

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Mitchell and Kesler Altercation at Practice


Willie Mitchell and Ryan Kesler are fighting mad. Jim Jamieson is reporting that Ryan Kesler and Willie Mitchell almost fought this morning at practice. What is up with that? Usually this happens when a team is in the midst of a losing streak, not just right after a win. It also doesn’t usually happen with two assistant captains. Even weirder is that this is the second time that Willie Mitchell has been involved in something like this in the last calendar year. During an eight game losing streak last year, Mitchell was involved in an altercation with Mason Raymond. Is this a case of Willie Mitchell being a little chippy in practice? Or maybe there’s a rift in the dressing room. Either way, don’t believe the spin that’s sure to come, this is not a good sign.

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Canucks Shopping Demitra and O'Brien?


Interesting stuff from Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun. Among other things, Garrioch is reporting that the New York Rangers are interested in acquiring Pavol Demitra and that the Canucks are shopping Shane O’Brien. Interesting news on both fronts.

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Superman That Hoe!


Bieksa with the perfect GSP-like Superman punch! Bad-ass! (Thanks to reader KingKovalev4PM for the heads-up!)

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Batter Up! Vokoun Gets Smacked in the Head and Other Great Slashes


What do you think Keith Ballard will say the next time he sees Tomas Vokoun? Probably going to be a little awkward I’m thinking. For those of you that missed it, here it is:

I don’t remember hearing much about this at the time, but it was very similar to this game between Slovakia and the Czech Republic with Habs goalie Jaroslav Halak in net:

Seriously, how do you miss the post by that much? Obviously they didn’t play baseball growing up, or maybe they did and took batting lessons from Rich Pilon (good thing Lemieux has Olympic caliber fencing skills):

Or maybe he got pointers from Teemu Selanne:

Now Ron Hextall, that’s who you take pointers from. He never missed his target:

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