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G3y Pilgrim Part II

I’ve got nothing to say about Game 3 so here are some more pics of the g3y pilgrim (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

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Kobe = g3y pilgrim??

Clearly this has nothing to do with the Canucks or the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But this needed posting. So umm WTF?! Kobe’s a g3y pilgrim now? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Kobe Bryant

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Game 2 Recap – Hawks Even up the Series

What an entertaining game we saw on Monday night. High intensity, high drama, complete with a last minute goal to win the game. Unfortunately for Canucks fans, the Blackhawks prevailed on this night, winning 4-2 and evening the series coming back to Vancouver. Lets take a look at the bad, good and what to look forward to.

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Game 1 Recap – Canucks Storm Niemi

The Canucks looked like a team still pissed off about their series loss last year, storming the Blackhawks right off the hop, while the Blackhawks looked a bit surprised by the push and never really seemed to recover. They’ve earned at least a split in Chicago, which is huge for a team like the Canucks that is so much better at home than on the road.

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Introducing Geraldz Diduck – Round 2 Preview

Please welcome the newest blogger to, the one we like to call ‘Geraldz Diduck’

The so-called “parity” of the salary cap era is on display, as the three top seeds are now eliminated in the East. But what about the parity between the West and the East? It seems as though the only strong team remaining in the East is the Pittsburgh Penguins and compared to their counterparts in the West; San Jose, Chicago, Detroit and Vancouver, they look overmatched.

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Canucks vs Blackhawks – Round 2 Series Preview and Prediction

This image (along with this song) has haunted Canucks fans for almost an entire calendar year. Patrick Kane, mouth guard dangling and all, scoring the insurance goal late in game 6, his third goal of the night. The Canucks insist that they should have won that series, to which I disagree (they had fewer points than Chicago, and were beaten in six!). The Hawks were the better team last year, and throughout the regular season have been the better team this year. No doubt, they are the favourites. With that said, this series should be a close one and could go either way, depending on a few keys of the series:

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Round 2 Playoff Predictions

You asked for it, you got it: your round 2 preview and predictions! So far, is 6 for 8 in our series predictions (who knew Washington would blow it and Boucher would go Bernie Parent on us?). We nailed the Canucks-Kings series (Canucks in six) and Pens-Sens series (Pens in six). Not bad, but we’re aiming higher this round.

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Henrik Sedin Nominated for the Hart Trophy

Breaking news: Henrik Sedin will be nominated for the Hart Trophy as the league’s MVP. He will be joined by Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby on the ballot. I don’t think he’ll win, but what great company to be with. I know that there was a movement for Ryan Miller to be on the ballot, but I don’t know if his numbers were stellar enough to get him on there with this crop.

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They Can Go F**k Themselves! Round 2 Samuelsson Calendar Wallpaper!!!

Round 2′s just around the corner so we figured we’d feature round 1′s clear MVP! Let’s hope Samuelsson has the same impact that he did in the 1st round! Why a collage? Because I couldn’t find a f’n single good quality picture!

Mikael Samuelsson Wallpaper

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Game 6 Recap – Luongo Steps Up

Roberto Luongo saved his best game in the first round for game 6, and was the best player on the ice. Everyone will be talking about his big save off of Ryan Smyth, dubbed the “save of the series” by Jim Hughson, but his game was more than that save, as big as it was. The Los Angeles Kings were the best team on the ice for the first 40 minutes but it was none other than their team captain Roberto Luongo that kept them in it. They were outshot 26-11 through the first two periods, but were bailed out by Luongo until the Canucks finally found their groove and grossly outplayed the Kings in the third.

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