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Rumour Time! Could the Canucks Land Tobias Enstrom?

From time to time, I like to make up rumours. They never come to fruition, they completely lack any kind of insider knowledge, but they’re fun to talk about damn it!

While watching the Winnipeg Jets get their first win in 16 years tonight, I couldn’t help but think that the Canucks could poach some talent of the young Jets roster. One guy in particular is Tobias Enstrom.

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Methot Drills Henrik Sedin, Cue the Debate: Are the Canucks Tough Enough?

Radio, print and Twitter was abuzz the day after this hit by Marc Methot of the Columbus Blue Jackets on Canucks captain Henrik Sedin:

So cue the debate: are the Canucks tough enough? This debate is of course in response to the fact that the Canucks did not engage Marc Methot in a fight and were roughed up in the Stanley Cup final last June. So are the Canucks tough enough? The answer is: sort of.

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Budweiser Girls and Other New and Exciting Things at Rogers Arena This Season

The Canucks lost their season opener in a shootout last night, but I’d like to focus on something else. There are a lot of changes inside of Rogers Arena. In case you haven’t been there yet this year, lets take a look.

New Beer

Molson is gone from Rogers Arena. That means that Rickard’s Red is gone too. In its place? Budweiser and Alexander Keith’s. Something just seems wrong about Budweiser being at a hockey game. You think Budweiser and you think football, don’t you? Well, Budweiser is now in control of both of Vancouver’s major sporting venues (they acquired the rights to BC Place). And with Budweiser comes the Budweiser Girls. I think they handed out sunglasses at one point, but for most of the night they were just kind of hanging out until a guy came by to chat them up. Show a little more pep, ladies!

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Ryan Kesler is too Sexy for his Shirt… and his Pants

Alright, today we give something for the ladies. In case you missed it, Ryan Kesler will be appearing in ESPN’s the Body Issue. That is all. Take it away Right Said Fred!

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Will this Year Finally be THE Year? Vancouver Canucks 2011-12 Season Preview

Remember this time last year? The Canucks were Stanley Cup favourites. They were picked by many to not just contend for the Stanley Cup, but to win it. And they came pretty darn close.

The Canucks had a dream season in 2010-11, save for four games in the Stanley Cup Final. They were the best team in the regular season, had the best power play, scored the most goals and had the lowest goals against. The Canucks had just two significant losses in the offseason (Christian Ehrhoff and Raffi Torres), yet the pundits don’t seem to like their chances nearly as much this season. The TSN Power Rankings has the Canucks ranked fifth. It seems like a lot of people don’t think the Canucks can make it back to the Stanley Cup Final, and I think they’re wrong.

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For the past few months the brain trust behind (our old blog) have been working on something big. That something was our new website: Rob The Hockey Guy.

Along with some cosmetic changes to the design and name of the site, you’ll notice a few new features.

Check out our Canucks History section. Quite simply, it’s the most comprehensive collection of Canucks history that you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

Also, be sure to view our Every Canucks Jersey Ever section. As you might expect, you’ll see every incarnation of the Canucks jersey since they entered the NHL in 1970. You won’t find a better display anywhere else.

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Hodgson Changes Number, Hopes to Rid Curse of the Number 39

Cody Hodgson has decided to switch numbers. He’ll be moving away from his familiar number 39 in favour of the number 9 jersey, and I’m all for it! The number 39 has not been kind to Cody Hodgson. In fact, it hasn’t been kind to anyone in Canuck history.

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Big Changes for

The Canucks begin their preseason schedule today with a pair of games, one in Calgary and one in Vancouver. You may have noticed that has been remarkably quiet in the weeks leading up to this. We’re quiet at the moment because we’re working on some major changes to this blog that will be seen before the season starts. I don’t want to put too much pressure on it, but it’s probably going to be the greatest thing you have ever seen in your life.

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Canucks Fans and Battered Wife Syndrome: A Long, Hard Summer

In a college newspaper several years ago, a good friend of mine wrote an article which drew a parallel between Canucks fans and battered wives. While crude and wildly insensitive to the plight of battered women worldwide, the content of the article has always stuck with me, ringing in my ears at the end of each disappointing season.

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Kesler to Miss Start of Season; Cody Hodgson: Your Time is NOW

The Canucks announced on Tuesday that Ryan Kesler underwent hip surgery and will be out 10-12 weeks, meaning that he’ll likely start the season in November. It’s interesting that they waited until August to do the surgery. Perhaps they were waiting to see if his hip would get better without surgery (as they claim) or perhaps there’s something sneakier going on. Is it possible that the Canucks purposely chose to have Ryan Kesler have surgery late in the summer, meaning that he would miss a month of the regular season while he recovers, thus saving precious cap space? Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, but it’s certainly plausible. Having Sami Salo injured for more than half a season last year was of great reward to the Canucks, because they were able to save on the cap while still getting Salo back for the playoffs.

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