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Alex Burrows February 2010 Calendar Wallpaper!!!

It’s late but it’s here! Alexandre Burrows.. easily one of the best contracts in the NHL! If this reverses the mini-slump, you’ll know who to thank!

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Kyle Wellwood January 2010 Calendar Wallpaper!!!

This decade went by wayyyy too fast! Seriously, it’s been quite a blur! Or maybe that’s just a sign of getting old. Anyways.. here’s the January 2010 Calendar Wallpaper featuring everyone’s favorite underdog, Kyle Wellwood! PS, Wellwood is still sexy.

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Ryan Kesler December 2009 Calendar Wallpaper!!!

Canuckz.com is back at it, bringing you another kick-ass calendar wallpaper! We present to you the December 2009 Calendar Wallpaper featuring Ryan Kesler!

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November 2009 Calendar Featuring Rick Rypien!

Tonyz Tanti and I were talking and decided that for this coming month, there’s no one on the roster more deserving of being featured on a Calendar Wallpaper than The Ripper. So we present to you the Canuckz.com November 2009 Calendar Wallpaper featuring Rick Rypien!

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