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Budweiser Girls and Other New and Exciting Things at Rogers Arena This Season

The Canucks lost their season opener in a shootout last night, but I’d like to focus on something else. There are a lot of changes inside of Rogers Arena. In case you haven’t been there yet this year, lets take a look. New Beer Molson is gone from Rogers Arena. That means that Rickard’s Red […]

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Ryan Kesler is too Sexy for his Shirt… and his Pants

Alright, today we give something for the ladies. In case you missed it, Ryan Kesler will be appearing in ESPN’s the Body Issue. That is all. Take it away Right Said Fred!

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Hodgson Changes Number, Hopes to Rid Curse of the Number 39

Cody Hodgson has decided to switch numbers. He’ll be moving away from his familiar #39 in favour of the #9 jersey, and I’m all for it! The number 39 has not been kind of Cody Hodgson. In fact, it hasn’t been kind of anyone in Canuck history.

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Canucks Fans and Battered Wife Syndrome: A Long, Hard Summer

In a college newspaper several years ago, a good friend of mine wrote an article which drew a parallel between Canucks fans and battered wives. While crude and wildly insensitive to the plight of battered women worldwide, the content of the article has always stuck with me, ringing in my ears at the end of each disappointing season.

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Bono picked up hitchhiking by Gilbert Brule… wait, what!?

Yeah, you heard me: Brule and girlfriend Kelsey Nichols were driving to a park to walk Bella, their German shepherd, on Tuesday afternoon near the West Vancouver Yacht club when they spotted a couple of hitchhikers on the side of the road.

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"Dear Hockey Gods…"

Dear Hockey Gods, Please forgive me. Check that, please forgive us. By “us”, I of course mean Canuck Nation. As a whole, we mocked the Chicago Blackhawks when we were up 3 games to 0. We began to ask Theo Fleury to eat his words, after he predicted a first round exit. And of course, I wrote a blog urging fans to get their brooms ready. As sure as it seemed, we have clearly upset you (the hockey gods). It’s the only way to explain two blowout losses in games 4 and 5 and a crushing overtime defeat in game 6.

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Are YOU Afraid of the Chicago Blackhawks?

The Chicago Blackhawks are back in town! Slated to play the Canucks on Friday, Jonathan Toews and company are currently 8th in the conference, which of course means “if the regular season ended today” the Canucks and Blackhawks would meet in the 1st round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs! So what do you think of that Canucks fans? Does that worry you? I have to admit, it worries me a little.

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Examining the Roxy Flu – Shane O'Brien Returns

One day after the Dallas Stars inexplicably had their poorest showing of season, a 7-1 loss at the hands of the Vancouver Canucks, and one day before Mr Roxy himself, Shane O’Brien returns to town, it seems appropriate to look in-depth at the “Roxy Flu”.

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Hi NHL, Who the F'k Reads Comics Anymore?

Okay, so yesterday, Rob did a post about the NHL’s new Guardians project. First off, who the f’k reads comics anymore? I mean, I get that there are still plenty of longtime diehard fans of comics and graphic novels. But the goal of this partnership with Stan Lee is to attract young fans. Young fans […]

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