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The Canucks had a pretty good day at the draft (other than that whole goaltending mess)

If you’re reading this right now you’re probably a Canucks fan, which means that you’re also probably still pretty angry about the Cory Schneider trade. And you should be. I am. But lets look at the bright side. The Canucks have prospects again! The cupboard is no longer completely bare. Unfortunately they aren’t likely to […]

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Arguments I Hate: Mike Gillis Inherited This Team

Every now and then I like to dip into one of the prevailing narratives that surrounds the Canucks and disprove it in a little something I like to call: arguments I hate. Today’s argument I hate is that the Canucks have been successful despite Mike Gillis, not because of him. Under Mike Gillis’ reign as […]

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Mike Gillis’ draft record isn’t as bad as you think

With the Canucks struggling to win games this season, fans are looking for answers. They see an aging team that appears to be in decline since their near dream season in 2010-11. The Canucks aren’t getting any younger. They have only four players on their roster under the age of 25 (Zack Kassian, Chris Tanev, […]

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D-men Bonanza! Schneider, Ehrhoff and Lukowich on Their Way to Vancouver

Mike Gillis had a busy day on Friday, signing Mathieu Schneider and acquiring Christian Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich in exchange for Daniel Rahimi and Canuckz.com favourite, Patrick White (that was sarcasm by the way).

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Draft Day Recap: Pronger, Bouwmeester Traded and the Canucks Nab the Next Patrick Kane

The 2009 NHL entry draft did not offer a lot of surprises in terms of players selected (Tavares, Hedman and Duchene went in predictable order), but did offer a couple of interesting trades.

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Draft Day Thoughts

Today is a day of optimism in the NHL. Every team will get “the guy they wanted” and willl have “picked the best player available”. Every player is going to be the next [insert Hall of Famer]. So before you believe whatever spews out of the mouths of GMs today, remember that the fact of the matter is that outside of the top three picks this year, it’s a bit of a crap shoot.

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