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Big Goal Burrows – Alex Burrows' 5 Greatest Goals

I’m not sure if Alex Burrows has a widely used nickname yet, but I think we should call him “Big Goal Burrows”. Other players score more goals, but no other Canuck has as much flare for the dramatic, scoring big goals when his team needs it the most. His biggest goals are some of the biggest in franchise history!

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New Canucks Song: "Canucks Memories"

From time to time on, we like to put the spotlight on a good Canucks song. Sure there are lots of Canucks songs out there, most of them terrible. I’m liking this one though, put together by With all the comparisons of the current Canucks with the 1994 team, it seems like a good time to present “Canucks Memories”. Enjoy:

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New Canucks Song: Kyprios – How the West Was One

There are a lot of Canucks songs being produced right now, as often happens come playoff time when the team is playing well, perhaps none better than this song by Kyprios. It’s been out for a couple of weeks, but deserves to be posted anyway. Besides, we Canuck fans could use a little cheering up after last night’s game. Enjoy!

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