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Rob The Hockey Guy has moved to Vancity Buzz!



We’re getting called up to the big league! That’s right, Rob The Hockey Guy is closing up shop and moving this blog to Vancity Buzz. As part of the deal I will become their new hockey editor. Please update your bookmarks:

Over the last week I have wrestled with how to make this announcement. Do I give a tear-filled press conference (like Gretzky), tell the world I’m taking my talents to Vancity Buzz (like LeBron) or just go ahead and get pictured with a Vancity Buzz jersey on (like Camilo)?


Ever notice that Camilo appears to be imitating our logo in this picture?

This is a very exciting opportunity to do what we have always done, but do it on a much bigger stage. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this blog into something special: our writers, our readers and the people who have helped me behind the scenes. We’re movin’ on up!

So what can you expect to see going forward? Expect the same thing we are doing right now, just with a bigger audience. We are still going to be a blog with an edge, that provides intelligent analysis mixed in with a bit of humour. Ian Lusher and Steve Lancashire will be coming with me to continue our popular game preview before every Canucks game. Ryan Biech is also getting the call, to continue his prospects report. Basically we’re going to keep on keeping on, with a new URL.

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2 Response to Rob The Hockey Guy has moved to Vancity Buzz!

  1. Michael on January 20, 2014

    Good stuff. So when will you be replacing Bro Jake on Team 1040?

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    […] • And finally, congratulations to Rob the Hockey Guy on joining Vancity Buzz as their new hockey editor. Rob’s been blogging Canucks since well before we showed up, and he’s been nothing but kind and gracious to us since the beginning. Good to see him moving up. [Rob the Hockey Guy] […]


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