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That guy at all the Team Canada hockey games with the red light is back again


Ok, so this is a bit of a random article today. But perhaps you’re like me and have always wondered who that guy is at all the Team Canada hockey games? You know the guy. He was at seemingly every hockey game at the Olympics in 2010 (I saw him at a curling match too). He was also the guy that provided the giant flag for the gold medal winning team to wave on the ice after Crosby’s golden goal. Since then, I have seen him periodically at big events, and even a couple of Canucks games.

Dave Ash celebrating the 3-1 goal vs Team USA on Tuesday

Dave Ash celebrating the 3-1 goal vs Team USA on Tuesday. I think he’s the only one looking directly at the camera in this picture.

He is the guy with the “He Shoots He Scores” and “Hockey is Canada’s Game” signs with the red light on his head.¬†Call him a superfan, call him a patriot, call him Canada’s biggest attention seeker (seriously, he is always located near the cameras and appears to go looking for them when a goal is scored). In any case, he’s back!

That’s right, you can see him at every game in Malmo, Sweden at the World Juniors lately. His name is Dave Ash, and he’s from Saskatchewan. He spent a few years as “Gainer the Gopher” and is a big Roughriders fan. He even has his own Facebook fan page (started in 2010 by the looks of things) called “Guy At Alll Of The Team Canada Games With The White Helmet And Red Light.

And now you know! Happy new year everybody!

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