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The 2013 Shapys


The 3rd annual Shapys happened on Sunday evening. For those of you not in the know, the Shapys are a fictional awards show that have a whole lot of meaning with a large group of Canucks fans on Twitter.

Still confused? I don’t blame you. The Shapys were named after the “shap crew”, which are a group of Canucks fans on Twitter that use a whole bunch of other made up words such as shap and milt and call just about everyone “b” (don’t bother looking these up on urban dictionary, that’s a definition for something else). As far as I can tell, the whole “shap movement” was started by @MarioMontega (who still doesn’t follow yours truly, what’s up with that?) and Vitamin_V12 on Twitter. That has spread more and more each year, with Canucks fans not only using fictional words (that’s not all shap is about), but having the shap attitude. The shap crew is anti-AV, anti-stats milts and anti-Iain MacIntyre. They’re pro-Botch, pro-Al Strachan and pro-”the lit” too.

I don’t want to appear like I’m over-simplifying the shap crew, because it’s certainly complex (in a weird super random funny kind of way). There’s no easy way to explain it to friends that aren’t active on Twitter (believe me, I’ve tried). What I love about the shap crew is their sense of humour, their edge and their ability to keep it real.

So what is shap? You can’t explain it definitively. I’m not even sure if I’m a shapper myself. It’s probably like asking if you’re cool (if you have to ask, you aren’t). So I haven’t asked. For the moment, I consider myself a shap observer.

One thing is for sure, I think my article on Bro Jake deserved Shap consideration.

But nevermind that. As Jason Botchford describes, it’s fun nonsense. Last year, the shap crew took it to another level, getting Roberto Luongo involved:

RobTheHockeyGuy always has and always will be a shap friendly blog. Now please, enjoy the 2013 Shapys.

Welcome to the Shapys (Jason Botchford):

Harrison Mooney (Pass it to Bulis):

Lifetime achiever award, Jason Botchford as presented by @MikeVersace1:

More, from well respected Canucks blogger @ThomasDrance:

Celebrity shapper of the year, Roberto Luongo, as presented by @BrowntoBure:

Our own Paul DeBron decided to chime in on the lifetime achiever award for Jason Botchford:

WTF DeBron, I thought I bought the rights to the Top 6!!!!?!

Trevor Martins (of Team 1040 fame) presented the award for shapper of the year to Taj1944 (a must follow that casual Tweeters might not know about):

Other award winners:

shapheat of the year: @MikeVersace1 and @PAIslander (ie. DeBron’s random diabolical secret account he made up)

no BS shapper of the year: @SocialAssassin2 (one of the best people to follow on Twitter if you don’t already know)

Female shapper of the year: @_EllieNuck_

Winged llama (your guess is as good as mine) of the year: @ScottRintoul (fun fact: he’s my old neighbour)

Rookie shapper of the year: @TheFalconer (he’s like the Sergei Makarov of rookie of the year winners… I didn’t know he was a rookie)

Well that’s it. If you didn’t know what shap or the Shapys was before, you’re probably more confused now. But perhaps slightly more entertained. And really, that’s what it’s all about.

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  1. Stu on December 23, 2013

    God that weather looks horrible. just when i was feeling homesick….


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