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“Dale Weise can’t find his helmet” – NHL Revealed is going to be awesome


The Canucks and Senators will be playing in the Heritage Classic at BC Place on March 2nd, as part of the NHL’s “stadium series”. As with the Winter Classic, the best part of the game isn’t the game at all. It’s the TV Show that accompanies the game. HBO 24/7 has been must watch television in the past, and it looks like we will get at least a portion of that for the Canucks and Senators. This week, the Canucks official YouTube channel unveiled a sneak peek:

When I heard the series would be aired on CBC in Canada, I figured it wouldn’t be nearly as good as the HBO version. It still probably won’t (unlike HBO, they’ll bleep the swear words I’m sure), but this preview was pretty cool. It appears that the people at HBO are in charge of the Canucks-Senators series as well. It’s a glimpse into the world of an NHL player that we don’t usually get to see behind the clich√© answers and “family friendly” marketing.

Somehow, the HBO game presentation is immune to this, and I love it.

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