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Is the Vancouver Sports Media Too Negative?


I have had the opinion for quite some time that the Vancouver sports media are much too negative when it comes to anything and everything to do with the Vancouver Canucks. I’m not saying that all journalists/reporters/media types are negative. Guys like Dan Murphy, Jason Botchford and Don Taylor are actually quite balanced when covering the team, but for every balanced media type there are double that fall into the negative camp.

I had a brief exchange with Brad Zeimer (@BradZiemer) last night that incapsulates exactly what I am talking about.  Check it out:

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So Brad Ziemer decides to tweet out that two teams behind the Canucks in the standings won, but goes silent in regards to all of the teams (Minnesota Wild, Colorado Avalanche, and Los Angeles Kings, Calgary Flames) that lost. Ziemer obliged me with the tweet regarding the Phoenix Coyotes win (over the Wild) to really nail the point home. The media following the Canucks is littered with this type of coverage. If you don’t believe me check out the timelines of Blake Price (@blakeprice1040) and Jeff Paterson (@patersonjeff). Their timelines are filled with statistics that shine a negative light on the Canucks. The issue has nothing to do with the whether the statistics are factual or not. The issue is that statistics can be spun in both negative and positive directions in most cases and these guys choose to promote the negative viewpoint more often than not.

Even those that seem generally balanced fall into this trap. Iain Mcletchie is one of the most balanced personalities on the Team 1040. In fact, Mr. Mcletchie is so balanced that often you are hard pressed to get a one-sided opinion out of him. Then he tweets this out:

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So now we are getting negative tweets about the Canucks from the local sports media that they publicly admit they don’t actually believe. Okay, so the point of the negative tweet then was what?

I realize this article highlights Brad Ziemer and Iain Mcletchie, but don’t misinterpret this as a slag on them. I am identifying a trend of negative based reporting on the Canucks by the Vancouver sports media in general for which both of these likely very nice gentleman have fallen into. Why do they do it? I’m not sure there is a conscious effort on the part of the Vancouver media to bring out the negative, but clearly a focus on negativity engages the fan base (those trying to defend the team and those who love to hate) much more so than focusing on positives.

The Vancouver sports media loves to shine the Canucks in a negative light, but keep in mind that what you are reading isn’t necessarily what the media actually believes.

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P.S. – I’m an unapologetic homer and I, for one, miss the likes of Tom Larscheid. Tom was a homer to the extreme, but he didn’t always have rose-coloured glasses on and would definitely take the team or a specific player to task publicly back in the day. I know the media likes to play the impartial conduit card, but the current group following the Canucks on a daily basis could learn a few things from Mr. Larscheid.

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  1. Betty Henderson on November 29, 2013

    You were RIGHT ! I did like this Article. Exactly my point. 1040 say's "The Home of the Canuck's". Really?


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