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Top 10 Pavel Bure Moments: #3 Skate-to-Stick

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We’re into the top 3 in the VanCity Buzz top 10 countdown. It’s time to get serious.

Bure is probably the only player around that has a top 10 moment that occurred in the preseason. You know the goal.

Playing his first game since his season ending injury in 1995-96, Bure scored in a way that nobody had ever seen before. With the Canucks shorthanded, the puck squirted loose into the neutral zone and the Russian Rocket took off. Flying at high speed, Bure grabbed the puck and came in on goal. Bure purposely played the puck to his foot and kicked it ahead to his stick and put it in the net past goaltender Scott Bailey.

The difficulty of this goal isn’t that kicking a puck to your stick is terribly difficult to do. I can do it. The beauty lies in the fact that Bure did this while skating at top speed, making Ray Bourque look like a slug, and incorporating it into his deke.

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