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Top 10 Pavel Bure Moments: #5 Bure Dangles the Devils

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Number five on our top ten list is pretty simple really. It’s a brilliant individual effort from January 29, 1994 by Pavel Bure. He turns a nothing play  into a mini breakaway and scores the nicest regular season goal as a Canuck.

Bure is on a 2-on-4, does a tight turn and shakes loose future hall-of-famer Scott Niedermayer, turns Scott Stevens (another future hall-of-famer) inside out, and then dekes to the forehand past Chris Terreri. He turned something out of nothing with speed and finesse.

Bure scored twice that night as the Canucks went on to win 6-3. The game was in the midst of Bure’s second straight 60 goal season. Although the Canucks had a mediocre regular season that year, they caught fire in the playoffs and gave Canucks fans a spring to remember.


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