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No Canucks No! – Revisiting the worst chant in professional sports history


The Vancouver Canucks as a professional sports team have a long and storied history which spans 43 years of legends, heroes, and traditions. The Pacific Coliseum was birthplace of towel power (now copied by every team in the league), and Rogers Arena the green men, throwing bras at Jeff Cowan, and most recently that “wooo!” sound played after the announcement of every Canucks goal.

The Canucks organization and the Canucks Nation at large has shown a strong measure of creativity and originality in showing support for their beloved over the years, but there is one thing about being a member of this nation that has always bothered me, one gaping chasm of inadequacy which robs our home stadium of atmosphere and consistently leaves me feeling bereft and embarrassed: our chant fucking sucks.

“Go Canucks Go”: How is it possible that we as fans have never managed to move beyond these 3 banal, infantile words? Are we idiots? No? Then why have we been chanting something that sounds like it was made up by a slow-witted 6 year old for the past 4 decades? Do we simply lack the collective will and unity to create something better?

This phenomenon is certainly not unique to Vancouver, in fact, most NHL teams seem to be sorely lacking in this department, but the problem does seem to be particularly glaring here. most teams have latched on to “clap, clap,clapclapclap Let’s go *insert team name here” chant, which, while a bit more rhythmic and aesthetically pleasing, is pretty played out in my opinion.

In fact, I struggle to think of a single example league-wide of a team with a chant that cuts the mustard. There are a few creative examples;

New Jersey’s “Marty’s better” chant:

The Sharks “Beat LA”:

Or this beauty, used by all Boston teams:

While ahead of the pack, these don’t really get me going either. In Fact I think North American sports fans in general have missed the boat, and for a solid example I think we need to look across the Atlantic…

I will risk drawing the ire of hockey fans everywhere by invoking the game of soccer (or as they call is “football”). Anyone who has ever watched or attended an English soccer game has heard the crowd roaring in unison to the tune of some song or other, and has witnessed the atmosphere this creates. It is huge. People learn the words by simply being there, fathers teach them to sons, brothers to sisters, and so it goes.

Check out this one from West Ham United:

Or this gem from Liverpool:

How hard could it possibly be for us as Canucks fans to start something of our own, to evolve as a nation and unify in creating a new tradition?

There has to be a way. It simply has to change. I wish I had the answers and I wish I could make this happen on my own, but I just don’t have the reach. If anyone out there does, let me know. I will back you with all the resources at my command.

Until then, I will continue to feel bashful every time our stupid, lame chant starts up, subtly shaking my head in disappointment, and silently judging you all as you bray inanely into the night…

Ps. My suggestion is the chorus of “our house” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Skip ahead to the 1:24 mark:

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16 Response to No Canucks No! – Revisiting the worst chant in professional sports history

  1. lorne on October 28, 2013

    i strongly oppose your chant suggestion but i do agree we could come up with something better, i like the we are boston, something that stands talls, that show how much we ARE the team.

  2. jyoung on October 29, 2013

    Go Canucks Go is awesome. It always has been. What are you talking about???

  3. Celeste on October 29, 2013

    When the Canaucks were playing a few years ago in San Jose, a large group of Canucks fans were chanting Go, Canucks, Go! and a non Canucks fan wanted to know why they were chanting nGo, Coconuts, Go! n nYou maybe on to something, eh?

  4. Bobby on October 29, 2013

    This is such a retarded article. Its a hockey game they chant Go Canucks Go!! Your looking into way this way to much!!

  5. Real fan on October 29, 2013

    I agree that the chant sucks but, the problem is not the chant the problem is that every time a group starts to chant, regardless of the song, the organ starts or the music kicks in and drowns out the chanting. You see, at a football game in Europe or Britain, there is no stupid organ player or music guy. There is only the crowd and their passion. Everything is too manufactured in North American sports…

  6. Pells Bells on October 29, 2013

    The sad thing is we havent even mastered the "Go Canucks Go" chant. n nThe real problem with the chant is there is two syllables in Canucks which gives the chant awful flow. Especially when there is a entire crowd saying it. Some people will treat "canucks" as two syllables with a slight pause between CAN and UCKS, where as other people will kind of cheat and say CNUCKS. This causes the chant to kind of echo and eventually everyone loses interest in even chanting because not everybody is chanting at the same time. If you notice, when Fin is banging his drum along with the chant, he only hits it three times. 1) Go 2)CNucks 3)Go n nIts much easier for teams like the leafs and flames to have a more continuous "GO TEAM GO!" chant because when the word has one syllable, its a lot easier for everyone to follow the same pace. n nIn order for the Go Canucks Go chant to work properly everyone needs to treat Canucks as one syllable.

  7. Don on October 30, 2013

    How about the Halleluia Chorus. You only have to learn one word!

  8. name on October 30, 2013

    this makes no sense

  9. GO CANUCKS GO on October 31, 2013


  10. Matt on October 31, 2013

    Just say "go nucks go" there I solved it…next

  11. Residualimage on December 18, 2013

    I want them to stop signing the national anthems and come up with a Canucks anthem. You'll Never Walk Alone is a classic example of a team anthem. #pissoffgrapes

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