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Flukiest goals in Canucks history


The Canucks lost to the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night due in large part to one of the luckiest/flukiest goals of all-time. That had me thinking, where exactly does this rank all-time in Canucks history?

A quick disclaimer: searching YouTube for goals prior to the 2000s/1990s becomes rather difficult. If you find a goal that belongs on this list that you think I may have missed, feel free to comment in the comments section below and I’ll add it.

2013: Hamhuis/Garrison/Luongo own goal vs Montreal:

We start the list off with the most recent lucky/fluke that’s on everyone’s minds. I see everyone referring to this as Hamhuis’ goal or Luongo’s goal, but it was really a team effort with Jason Garrison playing the biggest role. Garrison leaves the puck for Hamhuis, then catches it with his skate as he’s attempting to skate up ice. The puck then goes off both of Luongo’s skates and in the net. Lars Eller, who was credited with the game winning shorthanded goal, was sitting on the bench when the puck went in the net.

2009: Shane O’Brien own goal vs Phoenix

The weird goal on Saturday night reminded me immediately of Shane O’Brien. The lovable former Canucks defencemen had the distinction of the worst own goal in team history until Garrison and Luongo played soccer on Saturday night. On March 21, 2009 with the Canucks losing 3-0 midway through the second period the Canucks were about to go on the power play. With the goalie pulled for the extra attacker on the delayed penalty, Shane O’Brien whacked the puck into his own net.

2011: Aaron Rome vs Nashville

I’m a little depressed after those two own goals, lets look back at a feel-good moment that happened on March 29, 2011. In the midst of their record breaking 2010-11 season, one player was still awaiting his first goal of the season. That player was Aaron Rome, who banked a puck off the glass and towards the empty net. Henrik Sedin helped usher the puck into the net, ensuring that Rome got credit for his first of the season, and first as a Canuck.

2009: Mason Raymond vs Calgary

Just how good did things go for Mason Raymond during his 25 goal season in 2009-10? Well, this goal on December 27, 2009 would suggest he had some puck luck that year.

2002: Dan Cloutier vs Niklas Listrom

Ok, time for some serious fluke goals. The upstart Canucks were up 2-0 in the series against the star studded Presidents Trophy winning Detroit Red Wings and the game was tied 1-1 late in the second period when… you know the rest.

2003: Dan Cloutier vs Pascal Dupuis

The Niklas Lidstrom goal gets all of the publicity concerning Dan Cloutier, but there was a more crushing fluke goal scored on him the following season. In the second round in game 7 vs the Minnesota Wild, the Canucks led 2-0 and had all of the momentum having just scored twice in a minute. Just four minutes later Marek Malik tried to clear the puck, it deflected off a stick and sailed up and over the net right to Pascal Dupuis who batted the puck out of mid-air and into the net. The Canucks went on to lose the game, the series and their best chance at a Stanley Cup during the Naslund/Bertuzzi era.

Skip ahead to 9:15 for the Dupuis goal. If you want to feel good again, skip to 8:30 to see a couple of nice Canucks goals.

2011: Kevin Bieksa and the stanchion vs San Jose

You knew I wasn’t going to end this list on a sour note didn’t you? Everyone’s favourite goal assisted by everyone’s favourite stanchion. This goal won the series in double overtime and sent the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Final.

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1 Response to Flukiest goals in Canucks history

  1. Jimjam22 on October 16, 2013

    You left out probably the Canucks own goal classic of all time, Lars Lindgren, vs the Edmonton Oilers circa 1982 (I'm dating myself here). The Canucks were 10 seconds away from achieving one of the most difficult things in the 1980's, beating the Oilers (Gretzky et al…) in their own barn, by a 2-1 score. This was something the Canucks never did, routinely getting pounded by the Oilers (where do you think all Gretzky's scoring records come from, right, Vancouver). nClean face-off win right to Lindgren who was standing on the goal line in the corner. All he had to do to cement the victory was rim the puck around the boards and down the ice. Inexplicably he instead fired the puck directly along the goal line, under the goalies skate and directly into the net, a shot he couldn't replicate again if he tried 100 times. It took me weeks to recover even though by then I had become somewhat immune to the routine calamities that struck the Canucks of that era. It would be great to find some video of that as I know that BCTV broadcast it as I watched that game.


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