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DeBron’s Top 6 – Top 6 things I like about being a stay at home dad


Welcome again to another thrilling edition of the Top 6. As most of you know, I’m about 2 weeks into my new career as a stay at home dad. The pay’s terrible, the hours are long and there’s more crying than a Mark Messier press conference. But, the job does have some pretty sweet benefits. So here now: The Top 6 things I like about being a stay at home dad.

6. Playoff baseball


From the instant I got the axe, the first week of October was something I was looking forward to. Even if you work at an all sports radio station, it’s  impossible to sit and watch three or four baseball games in a row in any sort of detail. Guess what? It’s even tougher with an eleven month old. But the games are always on in the background and you can rewind if something big happens when you’re upstairs elbow deep in a poopy diaper. It’s also a great excuse to throw back a few daytime beers.

5. Baby snacks

If you have a kid, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Snacks geared toward kids aren’t anything you would buy yourself, but man are they delicious. Animal crackers, Fruitsations, Arrowroot cookies, they’re amazing. If I didn’t have Lindsay, I’d be pretending I was a dad so I could fill a shopping cart with Bear Paws.

4. Waking up to at least a half dozen Bro Jake hate tweets

I love twitter. I’m pretty active on it and I used to love interacting with listeners. When I woke up at 4, I’d have a bunch of tweets from the night before that there was no point in responding to. But every morning since September 9th, I wake up to at least a few “what the #$%^ is with this morning show?” tweets. It makes me laugh even though I have nothing to do with 1040 and can’t do a thing about it. In all fairness, I’m not even a good guy to ask about the show. I liked bro when I heard him on 101 and I’ve only heard parts of 3 shows on 1040.

3. Little old ladies who think I’m the greatest guy in the world because I’m home with a baby while my wife works

What is up with this? Any woman over the age of 50 acts like I’m the greatest guy in the world because their husband never changed any of their three kids diapers and missed a ton of soccer practices. I hate to say it, being a stay at home dad (or mom) of one kid isn’t all that hard. They’re napping 4 hours of the day. The house is spotless, we’re saving a ton on daycare costs and Lindsay’s happy because she’s with someone she knows. The truth is it’s easier to stay home with a kid than it is to go to work.

2. The Cat in the Hat

Most kids TV shows are terrible. Don’t even get me started on that whiny little pussy Caillou. But the Cat in the Hat is entertaining AND educational. Just the other day I learned how worm tunnels help corn grow. Also, I’m thinking of turning the Mazda into a thingamajigger. Those seatbelts are awesome.

1. Barbecuing

I finally have the time and ability to barbecue as much as I want whenever I want. I know, a lot of job sites have a grill for burgers and dogs, but I’m talking pulled pork, ribs and briskets. Those things take hours. Tough to come home from work and have that for dinner. Not a problem when you’re up with a screaming baby at 7 am. Also, another great excuse to fire up a few beers.

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