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Rob’s response: thank you Don Taylor

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Well that was fun, wasn’t it? Our little blog was the centre of attention on Saturday evening after it was discovered that Don Taylor (I don’t think it was an impostor) had made a comment in the comments section of my article: An unbiased review of the Bro Jake Show on Team 1040.

Here is what I said in the article:

Don Taylor wasn’t too happy with comments like these on Twitter, resorting to unoriginal name calling on the afternoon show. While I agree that people tend to overcriticize things on Twitter and can comment in poor taste, Taylor sounded like a dinosaur. He also doesn’t realize that the critics on Twitter are listeners of the Team 1040. They are your core audience and they hate the idea of a non-sports guy coming to host a show on their favourite station. If there’s one thing that the media is poor at criticizing, it’s criticizing themselves.

And here is what Don had to say:

Hey Rob, Don Taylor here. Normally, I don’t engage members of the pretend media but, in this case, I couldn’t resist. Do you realize you accused me of unoriginal name calling then went on to call me a dinosaur? I’ll contact the Pulitzer Prize people. We have a creative genius in our midsts!

First let me say that I respect Don Taylor. He is probably my all-time favourite Vancouver sportscaster. I loved him on Sports Page and followed him on Sportsnet for years. I listened to his show when he replaced Dan Russell for a short period on CKNW and loved the Pratt and Taylor show. I think the BMac and Taylor show has gotten stale and is in need of some changes and that’s an opinion that I think a lot of people share. Regardless, Don Taylor is still a legend in Vancouver and it was pretty cool to see him respond to something I wrote.

With that said, Don’s response is off-base. He begins by discrediting me as “pretend media” even though that has nothing to do with anything. I never claimed to be “real media” (whatever that means), nor does it matter in this case. I’m Rob. I’m a hockey fan (I have played, coached and watched a lot of hockey in my life), I’m quite knowledgeable (at least I like to think so) and I listen to a lot of sports radio.

Don seemed to take great pride in pointing out that I called him a dinosaur while at the same time mentioned that he resorted to unoriginal name calling. Ok, you got me… Although my comment was that you sounded like a dinosaur when Taylor made disparaging remarks about people on Twitter. I was using hyperbole to make a point. I felt like Don’s comment, saying that everyone criticizing the Bro Jake Show are just a bunch of people living in their parents basement, was discrediting them for something that really isn’t relevant… it’s just name calling.

By the way, I don’t live in my parents basement (not that it matters if my arguments are valid), I’m actually a fully grown adult who lives with my wife in the home that we own.

I want to also point out that I’m not against every old person in the industry and I don’t dismiss them all as “dinosaurs”. I loved Tom Larscheid’s commentary and was very upset when he was replaced with Dave Tomlinson. I’m also a huge fan of Tony Gallagher in print and on the radio.

Look, I get it. Taylor doesn’t like seeing his friends being slammed on social media, especially when it’s done unfairly. I do think that some people on Twitter have taken the criticism too far at times and I don’t speak for them.

I’m not aligned with the worst of the worst on Twitter and I don’t have any allegiances with anyone at the Team 1040. I speak for myself and I do it on this blog. The main point of the article was that I don’t like listening to people with limited knowledge of sports on my favourite sports radio station. I felt like the article was fair and wasn’t in poor taste.

But thanks for reading Don. Feel free to comment any time you like. Perhaps you can do for RobTheHockeyGuy what Jennifer Burke did for the Pratt and Taylor show eight years ago.

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2 Response to Rob’s response: thank you Don Taylor

  1. j fittonj on January 15, 2014

    Please,someone tell Donny Taylor that the 'stache' makes him look like the German butcher in an old Laurel and Hardy comedy !!!

  2. Bob on August 7, 2014

    Intersting point. Maybe DT morphed into Frank Drebin???


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