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Tortorella hates Twitter and I love that about him

So John Tortorella hates Twitter. Surprised? Of course not.

Here’s what he had to say (courtesy of Ben Kuzma from the Province):

It’s the most narcissistic thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to handcuff them and treat them like little kids. There’d better be no information come out of the locker room with that damn Twitter. It’s nothing but trouble to me. But I also respect that social media and all that stuff is part of it and I need to respect that and I’m going to try.

But our locker room is our locker room, and I believe our guys understand that. I just hope they respect the sanctity of the locker room — that’s the most important thing to me. I think it (Twitter) is stupid, but it’s tremendous for charity work, and our dog walk in New York raised a ton of money. But not for: ‘Here I am having a roast beef sandwich and saying hello to my fans.’ That’s just ridiculous.

Are you as fired up as I am after reading that? Lets go!

I love Twitter, but I love that Tortorella hates it. Of course it can be very narcissistic (especially for celebrities).

It’s also pretty funny that he’s worried about top secrets being unearthed from the locker room. Is this a problem with anyone? Maybe they should hire scouts to scour opposing players’ accounts to find out strategic advantages?

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1 Response to Tortorella hates Twitter and I love that about him

  1. arn kozak on September 15, 2013

    I've been a Rangers Fan ALL my life. I TOTALLY respect John and yes, HE'S the coach to bring the Canucks back to life !! He's a straight shooter and calls em as he see's em !! NO room for slackers and/or lame excuses. The players salary indicates how SERIOUS one is about their respective jobs. Your paid to play and play to your anticipated level as a player you have "sold" your talents to your team !! Living in the Vancouver area, I have followed the Canucks as my 2nd favourite team, so, I for one, have total comfort that "Tort's"is THEE man to get this ship upright and pursue the CUP !! Hat's off to ya JOHNNY !!!


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