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Dan Russell leaving CKNW, Dave Pratt returns to Team 1040 to co-host with Brother Jake and more!

It has been a bit of a wild summer on the sports radio scene in Vancouver. There are a whole bunch of moving parts and I will try to outline as many as I can:

Dan Russell leaving CKNW

This is Dan Russell’s final week hosting Sportstalk on CKNW. It was announced months ago that Russell would be gone from CKNW, so this isn’t new news. What is new is that he revealed at the beginning of his show this evening that it will not be the last of Sportstalk . Sources tell me (I have sources, cool!) that he will be moving his show to CISL 650. I know what you’re thinking, an oldies station is probably a good place for this dinosaur. While I disagree with many of his opinions and he comes off as a snarky old man that has lost touch with reality, I can’t deny that he is entertaining. I will often listen to him over what the Team 1040 offers up during the 9-midnight time slot.

Russell spent a great deal of time at the beginning of tonight’s show slamming CKNW, not exactly taking the high road. It doesn’t sound like the execs at CKNW didn’t handle it with a lot of class either though, if we are to believe Russell.

Interestingly enough, Russell took a few minutes to once again slam the Team 1040 (not by name of course), calling them house radio. Calling the Team “house radio” is fair to an extent (they are the rights holder and Tom Larscheid was let go because of pressure from Canucks management). But if everyone at the Team 1040 are nothing more than a bunch of house radio homers, what does that make Russell? He was “house radio” for 20+ years when CKNW had the broadcasting rights to the Canucks. It’s also worth noting that Russell is very fond of players and management from 80s and 90s, but doesn’t seem so fond of recent members of the Canucks organization (despite the fact that we are witnessing the best stretch of Canucks hockey we have ever seen).

Pratt and Bro Jake to co-host the new Team 1040 morning show

Speaking of dinosaurs, David Pratt is moving back to the Team 1040 and will be co-hosting with former Rock 101 classic rock DJ Brother Jake Edwards. Bringing Pratt back to the Team was a no brainer in my opinion, he’s simply entertaining. Bringing Bro Jake on to talk sports though? Stupidity.

To my knowledge, Bro Jake knows very little about sports and will likely be providing a whole lot of fluff. Team 1040 management must thinking that Bro Jake will be able to bring in a bunch of his fans from his Rock 101 days. The worry is if the Team alienates their core audience in the process.

Botch, Chappy and Debron gone

In my opinion the Team 1040 had 2 very good shows going for them, their morning show with Scott Rintoul, Jason Botchford, Paul Chapman and Paul Debron, as well as their afternoon show with Matt Sekeres and Blake Price. Botchford left the station a couple of months ago to focus more on his family and his job with the Province, while Chapman and Debron were let go by the station. Scott Rintoul will be hosting a new evening show.

Botch was the best thing the Team had going for it, losing him is a big loss, but there was probably nothing they could do about it. Losing Chapman in favour of Brother Jake is puzzling and dumping Paul Debron (who they could have moved to any other show) is a head scratcher.

It will be interesting to see how Scott Rintoul does with his new show. He is a good straight man, but I think he needs a co-host with a bit of personality.

The rest of Team 1040

I’m completely puzzled as to what the head honchos at 1040 are thinking lately. Some of the best personalities the station has ever had have left in the last two years: Tom Larscheid, Jason Botchford and the Kurtenbloggers (Mike Halford and Jason Brough). Their morning show was never better, but is now in shambles. The BMac and Taylor show is stale and clearly in need of a shakeup, but it appears that it will be status quo.

Thank goodness they are leaving Matt Sekeres alone (knock on wood), or else there would be very little left.

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18 Response to Dan Russell leaving CKNW, Dave Pratt returns to Team 1040 to co-host with Brother Jake and more!

  1. Don Stewart on August 29, 2013

    I had no opinion on Matt Sekeres until I emailed him.

    I mentioned that after going through cancer therapy, I tore my Achilles (reference to Sami Salo) during rehab . This was the worse case that the medical staff at UBC hospital had ever seen. I got over it very quickly and have successfully played hockey for over 20 years. He really dissed me on air, calling me a beer league hockey player (he has no idea).

    I have never met Mr. Sekeres and I am sure that he doesn't know me (although, he does know my cousin). However, I would rather listen to CBC radio now, then listen to him.

    • Ellery Zeller on January 8, 2014

      Matt Sekeres is the drama queen of sports talk radio. Always looking for the glass half empty approach and flogs a subject (Usually one of his wining bouts) until I have to change the station because I can't listen to him complain.

  2. Jay on August 29, 2013

    I agree with most of your opinion on Dan Russell. If you are a local sports fan he is must-listen-to radio. He never wavers on his opinion and always backs up his thoughts in detail. He is too predictable in playing devils advocate though. He has trouble being objective especially dealing with players, coaches, and GMs he dislikes. The breakdown of the games with Brook and Stu is quite good. And when Iain MacIntyre chimes in it gives everything a good balance. That guy should have a show! n nSekeres comes across snobby and elite but he seems intelligent enough. Blake Price also seems privileged but he can conduct interviews well. Jeff Patterson is the hardest working guy at the station. He gets on people's nerves (voice…tempo) but he puts in tons of hours covering holidays and doing extended shows. He is very passionate and I don't mind him. n nTaylor and BMac make me laugh the most. Sure these guys may seem old but they have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can relate to anything thrown at them. Their Mon/Wed/Fri segment with Doug MacLean is the best radio on the station. Ry Twitter Guy should go off the map more with his tweets. But the abuse he takes is worth the listen. n nScotty is serious and seems to toe the company line. Rarely does he criticize and his interviews are great. I think his new show should be a counter point with Dan Russell. That may be good radio. n nBro Jake is someone I have heard a few times and really can't relate too. Pratt is solid and his never-ending poor predicting ability makes me laugh. If they do the macho man, meat-eating, bike lanes, Roxy talk it is going to get old quick. Not looking forward to this show. n nWill miss Botch and Chapman the most. Botch is the most naturally funny guy. Chapman just gets the business. Excellent with listeners, guests, and colleagues. Should clone the guy. Can still get the same humor from Debron on Twitter which is some saving grace.

    • Andre Boudrias on September 7, 2013

      No, I'm sorry, Dan Russell has always been an idiot since forever.

  3. Rowan on August 30, 2013

    Outstanding take. Hearing Russell ventilate nick brass is a bond that will have me follow him down the dial. Pratt lacks logic and laughing at his vitriol has gotten boring. So much for 1040 in the morning. Just Say no to being dumb downed with Bro Jake and Pratt. And yeah botchford will be missed the most.

  4. john bradley on September 2, 2013

    I never liked Botch but I assumed he was creating a character of himself. If not then he is rather "douchey". I have issues with these beat writer that think they are knowledgeable just because they are around the team they cover all the time. I use a bathroom everyday but I am not a plumber. Paul Chapman was the Eeyore of local sports radio. Every comment begins with a sigh and Scotty needs a personality., That said this Bro Jake/Pratt thing will be terrible. They both are way to full of themselves and have unjustifiable egos that tend to use the radio as there own personal soapbox. This will be a train wreck.

    • robthehockeyguy on September 2, 2013

      Haha… So who are you a fan of John?

  5. Nicole on September 9, 2013

    I loved Sportstalk with Dan Russell. I used to listen to CFUN 1410 before it became Team 1410. Once it became the team I tuned out and started listening to CKNW. By chance I had the station on at night and started listening to Dan Russell. I loved his show and hold it responsible for getting me more interested in sports and becoming a fan of sports talk radio. From there I started to crave sports talk in the day and a friend recommended The Team. I used to really enjoy The Kurtenbloggers and Pratt and Taylor. I thought those shows were very entertaining. Once they changed things around I grew to love Scotty and Company and Sekeres and Price as well.

  6. Trevor on September 10, 2013

    Gives me yet another reason to listen to ESPN/Fox Sports Radio on 1410! nBy the way, while I'm sure there are people out there who listen to the morning/afternoon show for hours, the max I'm listening to either is just the commute. I want to listen to people talk sports, and my first choice is always 1410 because the syndicated shows get straight to the sports talk. But I found the local guys spend too much time on fluff (ie: B-Mac/Taylor and their dragged-out birthdays segment with the "…would ya?", and the ridiculously serious take on March Madness with whatever Rintoul can think of 64 of; one year it was foods, and Botch talked my whole commute about why meatloaf should not win). If I wanted "entertainment", I'd turn on FM radio. nSure my listening to 1410 more still falls under the same radio family, but at least I'm actually enjoying what I'm listening to

  7. Kris on September 10, 2013

    Botch is an idiot. Been waiting a long time for him to go.

  8. Gord on September 17, 2013

    Can anyone tell me if Don Taylor was fired from sportsnet or whats the deal there since they brought in Cybulski?

    • RobTheHockeyGuy on September 18, 2013

      Not fired… They're doing the broadcast together right now.

  9. Brent on September 18, 2013

    I always thought pratt was a dinosaur….

  10. Jeff on October 27, 2013

    Scott rintoul is a idiot mr I know everything in sport drive me crazy because is got alway a stupid anwers that he know this and this players should do that is just a little 30 something years old little boy who happen to know somebody who decided to hiring him because of friendship or something because in my opinion he sucks and he should be fired and go to community radio in a little town I never listening is show the morning because I think mike and mike do a better job they ask question and don’t answer question every time like Scott rintoul who is never wrong in is little world I’m not gonna listening is stupid evening show I think fox sport radio do a better job than mr I know everything thank you

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  12. Victor on March 16, 2014

    Bring larchied back I cannot listen to those two on 1040 am after Canuck games anymore,this is got to be the most embarrassing station of all time total anti Canuck commentator s,they are I'm sure from the east coast ,total bia against he canucks

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