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Cam Barker. Yes THAT Cam Barker.

Hey everyone! Been a while since I’ve posted on here. Hell, it’s been a while since I’ve had anything post anywhere! With “lockout out this” and “hockey related revenue that”, it felt like hockey would never be back and I would never get to post another one of my grammatically incorrect blog posts on to Rob’s wonderful website.

Well, hockey’s back, baby! Like a slap in the face and a strong pull of the hair, it’s back! While puck drop isn’t until the 19th, it appears no one is going to wait on speculation, rumors and other innuendo. And really, why should we? We’ve been deprived of NHL hockey for the last four months, it’s about time we got back to shappin’ all things Canucks. One of the first things that came up (other than the Luongo trade rumors) was Sportsnets Dan Murphy tweeting that the Canucks were inviting ex-Blackhawk, ex-Wild, ex-Oiler Cam Barker to camp.

Can we have the lockout back?

Of course I don’t mean that, but Cam Barker? Twitter, or at least my timeline, damn near shit itself blind. What could the Canucks possibly be thinking? Cam Barker? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet.  This is the same Cam Barker that was bought out by the Wild, signed by the Oilers and benched… a lot. To be fair, Barker missed 38 games with ankle and shoulder injuries and it was the Oilers.

I think the thing that everyone needs to realize is that the Canucks aren’t bringing him in to be an offensive power house, to play shut down minutes or to make wicked grilled cheese for the team on off days. He’s being brought in to compete for the 7th, possibly 8th spot on the depth chart. The worst that happens in all of this? He plays and shoots the puck into his own net, though the chances of that happening…well, I’ll admit that for some strange reason I can see that happening, and in game that really, really matters; but seriously, worst thing to happen is that he makes the team and it adds another body to a Vancouver blue line that is constantly decimated by injury.

I know everyone has sort of backed away from the ledge about this, but still, take a second, smile, shut up and have a Coke. It’s a PTO. Nothing more at this point.

Thanks for reading!

- Mitch

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