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Dalse Weise files for salary arbitration

In what can only be described as a slow news day, The agent for Vancouver Canucks forward Dale Weise has decided to file for salary arbitration, this news comes courtesy of News 1130 sports.

It wasn’t too much of a shock to learn that this was met with some what of a negative reaction. From: “I’ll lend him my bus pass to get to the airport” to “Dale Weise thinks he’s actually worth something?! HA”

Although Weise’ agent said they are still talking to Vancouver in hopes of avoiding arbitration, I think I speak for at least three people when I say that no one would blame Gillis if he just walked away from this ruling. No one. Weise earned $605,000 last year, he had 4 goals and 4 assists. He also fought Nathan Horton in Boston in January. Other than that, Weise will always be that guy who almost choked to death while drinking Gatorade, way back when he was a New York Ranger. He also spent a significant portion of last season not being effective whatsoever.

Update: The arbitration hearing for Dale Weise is scheduled for July 27th. Weise said he’s working with a boxing coach in hopes of becoming a better fighter. If only he was smart enough to work on being a better hockey player, maybe there wouldn’t be an arbitration hearing. Oh well, at least he’ll know what it’s like to get laughed out of a room on July 27th.

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  1. Get a Monster Gillis on July 12, 2012

    Gillis should re-sign Bitz and add one total super thug.


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