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UFA of the Day: Shane Doan

Since Rob has let me blog for his site I’ve tried my best to sort of stay away from the really big name players, you know, the marquee guys. And while he hasn’t been the definition of a superstar I thought it would be appropriate to make today’s UFA of the Day Shane Doan.

Name: Shane Doan

Age: 35

Size: 6’1” 228 Lbs

Why the Canucks might want him: Not known for his end to end speed, amazing puck handling skills or shot that’s so fast it looks like the old fox colored puck when shot, Shane Doan is one of those players you have to at the very least kick the tires on when it’s known he’s going to July 1st. At 35 he still brings his lunch box to the rink every night. He’s big, he hits, he scores and when he has to, he’ll fight. Above all that he’s a leader and a quality one at that too. Something, no matter if you had Messier and Gretzky on your team, you would want. Shane Doan to me is that guy. He can play the wing on any of the top two, even three lines. He’s spent a large part of his career uninjured. The most time he’s missed in the last 13 years was 2010-2011 and it was 10 games. He also missed some time in the playoffs, but when I see a game or two missing here and there, spanning more than a decade, I’m ok with that. Not to mention it gives the power play some extra firepower.

Why the Canucks might not want him: Vancouver has had a history with players at Doan’s age. While not always positive experience, I don’t think that’s the biggest problem for them. I think maybe they’re not sure he fits the current model of Canucks hockey, which is geared to be younger, faster and more exciting. Another thing that might not sit well with the Canucks is that Doan had a cap hit of $4,550,000 last season. Who knows how much of a pay cut he’s willing to take to be a part of a contender.

What I would do: Because Doan is in, or nearing the twilight of his career I would offer him a one-year deal. One year allows him that chance at winning it all. I don’t want to say the Coyotes run to the conference finals this past season was a fluke, but I don’t know that many people put them back in that position again. I would offer him one year at $3.75. I know that’s a decrease in pay, a significant one, but like I said before, maybe Doan is willing to take a pay cut in order to be a part of a contending team, one in which he doesn’t captain or have to answer for the team. One where he just comes into and plays.

X-Factor: I’ve always thought that him and Brendan Fraser barred some sort of striking resemblance. Doan has all his hair, a slight lisp and hasn’t made a bunch of shitty movies.

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