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UFA of the Day: David Moss

Mitch is back again with our hit series: “UFA of the Day”! July 1st is only just around the corner. Today he features David Moss of the Calgary Flames.

Name: David Moss

Age: 30

Size: 6’0″, 203lbs

Why the Canucks might want him: Well, other than sticking it to the Flames, the Canucks would be getting a player that can kill penalties, hit and score. David Moss is a big body and can also log some time on the Canucks terrible and ever-revolving second unit power play. It should also be noted that Moss has hit 20 goals before. Not in the type of way that Jan Bulis did. For some reason I think Moss’ was a little harder earned. He also plays a decent amount of minutes for a guy who’s been injured like he has. Also, he doesn’t take many penalties at all. 22 PIM is the most he has ever taken in a season.

Why the Canucks might not want him: With Moss (like most of the ‘might not want him’ sections) there has been some injuries. I understand every player gets hurt, some more than others, but Moss seems to have had problems with his ankle dating as far back as to three years. He’s had a shoulder problem as well. So his ability to stay healthy and in the line up might ultimately effect the Canucks decision to offer him a contract.

What I would do: Moss is coming off of a season in which he played only 32 games; he had 2 goals and 7 assists for 9 points. Obviously he is capable of much more, so I wouldn’t let last season influence my decision on what would be a fair offer for Moss. He’s made $1.3 over the last three seasons, so what I would do is probably something like this: Two years, $1.75 per year. It gives him a slight raise, which I would attribute to the UFA inflation. It’s a pretty low risk situation; in fact if he stays healthy and can come close to 20 goals again, it’s a steal.

X-Factor: David Moss is from the same town as Ryan Kesler and David Booth. He also happens to be a saint. He donates $100 to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for every goal he scores. When he’s not taking it out on the dog, Wilford Brimley is probably this guys’ biggest fan.

Rob Says: Just like Mitch said, I like the fact that Moss kills penalties, has some grit and a scoring touch. But if David Moss is to fit into the Canucks lineup, I think they have to trade away some of their current forwards. Sedin-Sedin-Burrows stands to be their top line, with Kesler, Booth, Higgins, Raymond, Hansen and a third line centre (either Lapierre, Malhotra or a new addition) to fill out the 2nd and third line. I don’t think Moss fits the bill as a 4th liner (too expensive), and he’s not a true banger and crasher. Moss could fit on the Canucks third line, but someone needs to go in my opinion for that to be an option. And I almost forgot about Zach Kassian, who likely needs to play in the top three lines this year if he’s in the NHL. If Kassian is here to stay, then it gets crowded quick. If Moss comes cheaper, maybe he becomes the Kassian insurance policy.

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