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UFA of the Day: Kristian Huselius

Mitch the blog machine is back with another blog today, profiling today’s UFA of the day. Go follow him on Twitter at @Mitch_SBMedia.

Hey everyone, I’m back again with another UFA of the day post for Rob the Hockey Guy. Thanks to those who read my first couple of posts and to those who didn’t, boo me out of the building. This is what P. Diddy must feel like when he wakes up covered in money and surrounded by free vodka.

Anyways, on too it! Today my UFA of the day is none other than this man.

Name: Kristian Huselius (yeah, torn pectoral Kristian Huselius)

Age: 33

Size: 6’0, 185lbs

Why the Canucks might want him: He could be that play making winger the Canucks target to play with Kesler. Not only is he an effective play maker, but he’s capable of putting the puck in the net as well. Four out of the last five seasons he’s scored 20+ goals, one of those years was a 34 goal season. He’s not the biggest or the most durable, but when healthy is an effective setup guy who can put in 20+ goals per season too.

Why the Canucks might not want him: He’s had a helluva time staying healthy. Last year he only played 2 games due to a few injuries, one being a torn pectoral muscle and the other a groin injury. He’s also never played a full 82 games in his nine year career. The closest he’s come to that is 81 games in 06-07 and 07-08. Something to take into consideration is that he put up career numbers both of those seasons.

What I would do: Sign him to a two year deal worth $3 per year. It’s a significant decrease in pay from the previous four years in Columbus, but given his health I would say it’s a fair amount. The reason it’s two years and not one is because a player with Huselius’ ability doesn’t come along every day, and if he stays healthy and gets back to being a goal scoring, play making winger it’s well worth that two year gamble.

X-Factor: He’s going to have to kiss up to Chris Higgins to get his no. 20 from him. Might have to drink from the same water bottle, share the same soap and wear his gloves while doing all that. Worth it? I don’t know. It’s just a number. If I were Huselius I’d think about a different number.

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