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Dissecting the 2011-12 Canucks Carcass – By Vincent

Vincent is a mysterious friend of Rob The Hockey Guy. He fights crime by night, so we won’t reveal his last name. He is @stuff99 on Twitter.

Hi everyone, I am writing this blog as I listen to the Game of Thrones theme song in a circular loop. This makes blog writing sound even more epic than it already is. This is my first blog entry so go easy on me. Just pretend you’re AV and I’m your son, Aaron Rome. Now that I’ve got introductions out of the way here is my blog.

It has been a few days since Canuck nation felt the stench of defeat sink in so that we can take a look back and dissect this carcass called the Vancouver Canucks 2011-2012 season. Where did it all go wrong?

Well according to bandwagons the world basically ended during the month of October. They wanted Luongo lynched and fed to the wolves. Everyone’s grandmother started to panic but then they started to win in November. Then everyone became a fan again. While the team did not dominate like they did the year before, they got their wins.

Then came January 7, 2012. Canucks vs the Bruins. The most entertaining friggin’ regular season game in documented human history. The only sporting event that came close to this level of intensity documented on film was this:

The game against the Bruins had it all: playoffs atmosphere, intensity, goals and some rough stuff. Canucks won 4-3 but something happened in the weeks and months that followed that game.

Gillis had been preaching a more puck position, offensive dynamic but defensively responsible team would be the way to go. They essentially had three scoring lines that they could roll. He would not change his team to play any other way just in case they MIGHT face Boston again in the playoffs. He wanted to follow the Detroit model.

After that regular season game I think the organization decided to change their tunes internally.

AV hungered for the more traditional line up of two scoring lines and two checking lines. CoHo simply did not fit. Watching Aladdin with David Booth and scoring timely clutch goals did not cut it. The media and radio callers kept hammering the point that the Canucks weren’t tough enough all season long. They were out hustled in the Boston series. Canucks needed more grit. They needed to get tough like a Chrysler Eastwood ad.

The team started to progress into a more defense team and lost their offensive flair and swagger. The confidence was gone and you could tell. Then came the trade deadline, which didn’t help.


Liev Schreiber or is it Cody Hodgson? I dunno but I bet AV hates both of them!

The Canucks traded away their well prized prospect Cody Hodgson for Kassian and added Pahlsson for good measure. AV now had his traditional NHL line up. Canucks got tougher with Kassian (or so they thought) and the fans and media yearning for more physicality cheered. Fans and media pundits felt the Canucks had a more balanced team but they were wrong. The trade was stupid and I’ll tell you why.

The Canucks are trying to win now and trading CoHo away for a project prospect like Kassian is not what the Canucks needed. Pahlsson was a failure because the year is 2012 and not 2007.  He could not win a faceoff and they ended up using Manny and Kesler for defensive zone faceoffs anyways so Pahlsson actually did nothing. They traded away secondary scoring, which they needed with more checkers and grinders than they know what to do with.

The reason the Canucks lost the Cup to the Bruins was not cause Daniel Sedin got punched in the head by Marchand (media/fans have this image ingrained in their heads) but because of inconsistent goaltending, injuries and the inability to score. Edler had hamburger fingers, Ehrhoff had a bummed shoulder and Hamhuis and Kesler’s hips lied to them. MayRay got crunched like an accordion and Samuelsson was done as well. The twins were shut down and we did not have another line to score.

You may argue that Coho aka Liev Schreiber wanted out but CoHo could’ve been packaged for a player for the now or traded in the off season. Note to Gillis, if Rich Winter was that annoying; just block his number until this summer. I’m sure he won’t tweet about it.

Hansel to Gretel: “This is where AV keeps his coveted offensive zone starts!”

This during the Gillis presser, he told the media that he and AV fattened him up like Hansel and Gretel so that he’d look delicious for Buffalo to eat with stellar offensive zone starts but come on. They made it sound like anyone could’ve benefited from those plump minutes, taking credit away from Hodgson’s skills and accomplishments. I’m sure they tried to fatten Bernier up but look how well that worked out. If it were all about the plump starts then MayRay could’ve scored or Kesler this season using that strategy…and we all know Canucks could’ve used some goals during the playoffs. This throwing Cody under the bus strategy and saying he wasn’t all that great, it was the system was Gillis and AV just them spinning the media so that they forget that this trade was a terrible one.

Not an offensive zone start:

The Canucks’ impotent limp down the stretch to win the President’s Trophy was well documented. They couldn’t score and AV decided to have his team play defensive hockey down the stretch. They were in hibernation mode since the Boston game, Gillis admitted as much so what the hell was the coach doing all this time? Isn’t a coach paid to motivate a team? He had four months. He had weeks to figure out a new top line without Daniel near the end but Game 1 Round 1 AV had nothing. The only thing he had at the end of this season was the satisfaction of icing a bottom six line up of grinders and a picture of Aaron Rome in his heart shaped locket.

Canucks could use a swagger coach this offseason:

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2 Response to Dissecting the 2011-12 Canucks Carcass – By Vincent

  1. Stuff99 on April 28, 2012

    "Vancouver Canucks. nLast year’s loss in the finals was far more devastating than anybody in British Columbia thought it would be. Leading up to and during the series against Los Angeles, you could see some of the most important players were not as focus, committed or determined as they needed to be. It was a mistake not to prepare for the postseason like it was the first time you are in it. You can not win the Stanley Cup unless you win the first round. In 2001, we had some of our players not playing at their best at the start of the playoffs and it cost us the Cup in the Stanley Cup Final by playing too many unnecessary games. We dragged it out to six games against Carolina, and seven against Toronto. I’m not trying to be sentimental but use my lesson for analysis. Vancouver was too focused on the ultimate goal and the ultimate goal became a distraction. They had great team last year, but they mistakenly tried to alter the team to match up against a Bruins type of team. Well Bruins is out, and so are the Canucks. They should have tried to improve on the style of hockey that brought them the success they already had. Skill, speed first and grit second. In the end, it always will be your top players who have to dominate the games, and the Canucks did not get it this year. I think they need an adjustment in attitude than in personnel changes. They need to be hungry, driven and committed to winning like a team that never made the playoffs before." – Bobby Holick

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