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The Rules of Trash Talking

About a year ago I began thinking of ‘the rules of trash talking’. It started at a Canucks game at Rogers Arena. It was a game late in the season during the Canucks assault on the National Hockey League. The Canucks were number one in the league, showing no signs of slowing down and were winning the game. And that’s when I heard two people behind me talking. A woman and a man were talking, she was a Kings fan and he was a Flames fan. They were running their mouth about the Canucks and weren’t making much sense. I had to say something, considering the fact that the Canucks had JUST beaten the Kings the year previous. [Rule #1, you can't trash talk a fan of the team that just beat you in the playoffs, you have NOTHING to say]

So the Kings fan says “OHHHH you guys are going to lose in the first round!” [Rule #2, you can't trash talk what you think is going to happen in the future. You can only trash talk what has happened or what is happening]

I have found a lot of people in violation of the most fundamental rules of trash talking of late. What rules you ask? Well there are rules. You can’t just go off trash talking whoever you want whenever you want. It has to make sense. If your team just won a Stanley Cup, you can talk a little more. If your team won a cup recently, you can talk too. If your team beat another team recently, go ahead, run your mouth. If you’re a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, you can’t say much at all right now.

The Boston Bruins just got eliminated from the playoffs today, but sorry Canucks fans, we can’t talk. I mean, we can be happy (and I am HAPPY), I certainly cheered when my man Joel Ward eliminated the Bruins in overtime (side note, I correctly predicted that Ward would score the winner). But trash talk the Bruins? Sorry, but they took our Stanley Cup.

Some people think that Stanley Cup riot jokes are crossing the line. I don’t. It’s fair game. People in our city acted like idiots, so we get ridiculed. Fair enough. I don’t think the jokes are funny but other people do and that’s fair game.

Bruins fans have their own shame now after their loss to the Capitals. Apparently they have a lot of racist fans that let their feelings known after Joel Ward scored the winner.

Trash talking is a great pastime between fans, but it ought to make sense. I thought Flyers fans were pretty brave when they chanted “you can’t beat us” when they were on their way to taking a 3-0 series lead versus the Pittsburgh Penguins.

After the Canucks were eliminated from the playoffs this year, I had a few Oilers fans chirp me on Twitter. I’m not exactly sure on the rules of trash talking, but I think there needs to be some kind of statute of limitations on celebrating your Stanley Cups. The Oilers have 5 of them, but none in the last 22 years. Add to that the fact that they’ve been the worst team in the NHL over the last three years and I think Oilers fans need to zip it for the time being.

I’m also not sure how much we can trash talk the Blackhawks. Sure, the Canucks beat them in game 7 last year, but they beat us twice before that and they won a Stanley Cup.

So there you have it, the rules of trash talking. It’s not a black and white rule book (easy Bruins fans), rather there are shades of grey. Go out, run your mouth, but have some sense.

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  1. Teresa Chernoff on April 26, 2012

    Rob, Some great input on "trash talk." You make some valid points, ie statute of limits, premature trashing etc. I have to say one thing though, I'm not too sure I have the self control as a loyal Canuck fan to not trash the Bruins team/fans & everything about that team! I am soooo happy they have been ousted this season:) People love to talk oh how they love to talk!! So many of us, myself included, open our mouths before we open our brains! One more point, there is NO place for racial slurs in any which way or form in "trash talk!" As far as I'm concerned, racial slurs only perpetuate our already overdosed society of "bullying!" Happy blogging:) A Canuck fan forever!!


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