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Will Cory Schneider Start Game 3?

Alain Vigneault was a little out of character with his game 2 post game press conference. He went out of his way to mention that goaltending was not the problem in game 2. When asked about who his goalie would be in game 3, he sounded angry and said that he wouldn’t discuss it. Today, when asked who his goalie would be, he wouldn’t say. If you ask me, those are clues that Cory Schneider will start game 3.

Roberto Luongo was excellent in game 1. He made a lot of key saves and was the biggest reason why the Canucks had a chance to win. In game 2, it was hard to blame him on the first two goals, but the last two goals were not unstoppable. I’d give Lu a B+ for game 1 and a C+ in game 2. He wasn’t the reason they lost, but he didn’t stand on his head either.

If I’m Alain Vigneault, I would start Schneider in game 3. This isn’t about blaming Luongo, it’s about crediting Cory Schneider. Luongo had a B+ in game 1, but what if Schneider had an A+ game? They’re getting good goaltending, but what if they could get great goaltending? Schneider had a better goals against average and a better save percentage than Luongo this year. He won big games. Now it’s time to give him the ball and let him run with it.

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