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Five Ways to Fix the Team 1040

Like a lot of Canucks fans, I’m addicted to the Team 1040. I listen to it all the time because I can’t get enough Canucks talk. But in the last year or two, my addiction has subsided. I still listen to it, but I find myself needing a break from it more often and I think I know why. The Team 1040 is broken. It has some problems and I know just how to fix it. Because I’m feeling charitable, I’m going to offer some free advice to Team 1040 executives, enjoy:

1. More Shows

The biggest problem I see with the Team 1040 is that their local shows are too long. The station currently has four local shows from 6am to 10pm, with each show going for four hours. Quite simply, four hours is too long for their hosts. You can tell that some hosts just run out of things to talk about. It’s like they take a three hour show and stretch it out to four hours. Most shows spend the last hour of their show replaying interviews from earlier in the show.

A few years ago, the Team would play the Jim Rome show from 9am to noon, which caused them to make their other shows three hours long as well. Their shows were a lot less stale and their hosts had more energy. I would like 1040 to have a format that more closely resmembles that of the Fan 590 in Toronto or ESPN Radio in Seattle.

2. Bring back the Kurtenblog

Actually, this one is happening tomorrow. Jason Brough and Mike Halford won’t be calling their show the Kurtenblog anymore (the new name is ‘Hockey Talk’) and they’re getting a new time slot. Instead of non-Canuck game weeknights, they will be on from 3-7pm on Saturdays. It’ll be interesting to see how they fare with a four hour time slot instead of the two hour slot they had last year.

The two members of the Kurtenblog had the best show on the Team when they left the radio station last September. How the radio station allowed these two talents to leave is beyond me. They likely got a better money offer from NBC’s Pro Hockey Talk to blog, but the Team certainly ought to have the resources to offer decent money to them.

3. Bring back Pratt

The most hated man in Vancouver sports radio hasn’t been heard of since this summer when the Team decided not to renew his contract. I’m the first one to admit that Pratt was terrible in the last year before he was dispatched from the station, but I think he would be a motivated host should he get another chance. Pratt got lazy and complacent, and was a shadow of his former self when he was let go. He’s entertaining and edgy when he’s at his best, but he’s just tired and predictable when he’s at his worst. He relied far too much on lame bits such as ’5 barking questions’ and went back to the well far too often on non-sports related topics such as the Vancouver bike lanes.

Bring back Pratt and throw him in the afternoon show with someone who will rile him up and give him an argument and you’ll have an entertaining show.

4. Two Host System

Part of Dave Pratt’s problem before he was let go was that he was often left to host the show by himself. Sure, the show was called ‘Pratt and Taylor’, but Don Taylor’s Sportsnet commitments kept him being able to be on the afternoon show for the full four hours. That problem still exists with B-Mac and Taylor in the afternoon show and with Sekeres and Price in the midday show. Two hosts are better than one, and the station should try to do all it can to find a way to have at least two hosts on at the same time.

5. Take Chances

I remember before the Team 1040 got the broadcast rights to the Vancouver Canucks. They weren’t as polished as they are now, but they weren’t afraid to take chances, to criticize. Personal feuds like the one Dave Pratt had with former general manager Brian Burke were highly entertaining, and would never happen today. I don’t think hosts are told to explicitly tow the company line, but I think there are some unwritten rules. The Canucks are the golden goose, and the radio station needs them more than the Canucks needs the station. Look no further than the dismissal of Tom Larscheid before last season.

Taking chances also means thinking outside of the box. That means getting more variety in terms of their guests and trying new things on air. They thought outside of the box when they gave the Kurtenblog a chance on the radio, and that paid off. They also thought outside of the box when they brought in the unheralded Dave Tomlinson as an analyst on the Blake Price Show.

And there you have it, that’s how to fix the Team 1040. I could be wrong (I’m not wrong) but it would seem to me that the more fresh you are, the more entertaining you’ll likely be and the more listeners you’ll get. Team 1040 execs: you’re welcome.

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5 Response to Five Ways to Fix the Team 1040

  1. Jason on February 25, 2012

    Excellent article, you've summed up the thoughts of many listeners, Can't even listen to the afternoon show anymore. Morning show is awesome because of the variety of hosts…Botchford kills it. Dave Pratt made sports radio in this town, its a shame he is no longer on the air.

  2. jaynesbooks on February 25, 2012

    I wish that they could put Chapman for the final two hours of the morning show rather than the first two; Botch is a little whiny for my liking. I don't listen to much of the late morning, early afternoon, but I like Sekres and when partnered up with Blake Price, its a pretty good show. If there is one flaw in the ointment its that Jeff Paterson gets way too much air time, especially in the summer.

  3. Michael on February 25, 2012

    I used to listen in the car before and after work but I stopped listening last season, except for games when I'm away from a TV. The morning show was driving me crazy, Scott and Ray I think are good sports commentators but they spent so much time talking about non sports stuff, like getting callers to call in and talk about what their favorite food was or whether one actress was hotter than another. Somehow they managed to be more inane than me and my friends.

  4. Darren on February 27, 2012

    Pratt is an idiot , if i have to listen to him talk about his glory days being so cool going to the Roxie again ill poke my eye out. He never listened to his interviews and likes to here himself talk. n nTrue the station is a bit candy coated, I don't know why the interview Gillis he doesn't ever say anything and his "holier than tho attitude is lame". Its like is some inconvenience for him to talk to his customers the paying fan.

  5. ian on April 21, 2014

    Sekres has the most annoying voice quality imaginable…I can't listen to him for long at all, but it seems that he likes to listen to himself.


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