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The Sedins are STILL Underrated

The NHL announced the starters for this year’s All Star Game today. They are Erik Karlsson, Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Spezza, Milan Michalek, Dion Phaneuf and Tim Thomas. Wait, what?? Obviously, Sens fans stuffed the ballot boxes. Of the four Senators named to the All Star game, only Jason Spezza and Erik Karlsson deserve to be in the game, and only Erik Karlsson deserves to be a starter. The fact that four Sens are not only in the game, but named as starters, is a joke. But that’s not what bothers me most.

What is bothering me the most is the fan voting results. Daniel and Henrik Sedin finished 19th and 21st in voting among forwards! Yes, the reigning Art Ross Trophy winner from last year and the Hart Trophy winner from the year before had fewer votes than players like Jordan Eberle and James Neal. Did I also mention that both players are having yet another remarkable season? Henrik is leading the league in scoring while Daniel is in second. They don’t play in a small market, they had lots of exposure on a team that went to the Stanley Cup Final last season and they just keep on doing it.

I understand that some fans will stuff the ballot box, which is the reason why Milan Michalek received more than double the votes of Henrik and Daniel combined. Leafs fans were also doing a pretty good job of stuffing the ballot box, as evidenced by the votes for Phil Kessel, Joffrey Lupul, Dion Phaneuf and James Reimer. But not every group of fans is stuffing the ballot box. That’s why the only conclusion I can come to is that the Sedins are STILL underrated! Despite three straight amazing seasons, people simply just don’t give them their due.

When you go to a Canucks game at Rogers Arena, take a look around the crowd. How many Sedin jerseys do you see? I think there might be fewer Sedin jerseys in the crowd than Kesler, Burrows or Luongo jerseys. And I just don’t get it. Personally, I own a Trevor Linden jersey, but if I had to buy a new jersey tomorrow, I would get a Henrik jersey. These players are going to end up being the top two all-time leading scorers in franchise history and still people don’t appreciate them enough! Hell, I bet you there are still a few people out there saying “they’re not first line players, they would make a very good second line…”

The Team 1040 was asking callers all day today: who is the MVP of the Canucks to this point in the season? Keep in mind that the Sedins are #1 & 2 in the league in scoring! Instead of hearing 90% Daniel or Henrik responses, the responses were all over the map. The Canucks have other good players, but do you think anyone in Philadelphia is saying their MVP is anyone other than Claude Giroux? Were there a lot of different suggestions for the Canucks MVP when Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi were lighting the league on fire? Of course not

To suggest that the Canucks’ best players this season are anyone other than Daniel and Henrik Sedin is not only lunacy, it’s taking them for granted. They’re remarkable players, and it would be remarkably stupid to forget it.

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3 Response to The Sedins are STILL Underrated

  1. brett on January 6, 2012

    as much as i agree with you about the twins being underrated rob, i have to wonder why the hell we even care about the allstar game or what the type of people who stuff ballot boxes for an allstar game think. on a similar note, please disregard the halfwits and morons who call into sports talk radio. i have worked in the mental health field for quite some time, and many a client over the years have been regular callers to team 1040, and cknw 980 before that. i'd be willing to bet that if the players and coaches voted for the allstar game, hank and dank would be starting for both conferences.

  2. Rob on January 6, 2012

    I realize that the all star process is goofy, and stuffing ballot boxes is one thing. But when you look past the guys that really benefited from the ballot box stuffing (Michalek, Alfredsson, Reimer), you see the Sedins well below every other big name. Not even counting the players from the Leafs and Sens (clearly the two fan bases that stuffed the boxes the most) Crosby, Toews, Kane, Giroux, Datsyuk, Malkin, Jagr, Neal, Zetterberg, Hossa, Stamkos, Eberle, and Ovechkin got more votes than the Sedins! That's not a result of idiot fans of their teams voting a lot like the Sens and Leafs. Even Jordan Staal got more votes than Henrik Sedin, and Pens fans could only vote 3 forwards (Crosby, Malkin, Neal are also on the ballot). nWhy do we care about the all star game? That's a whole other argument. And not one I'm wanting to make right now haha. nAnd you're bang on if players and coaches voted, they'd have the Sedins on there.

  3. mickey on January 16, 2012

    You nailed it, the Sedins are underrated. If they were Canadian they'd be getting a lot more respect. n nAs far as the jerseys go however, I think there are other reasons why Canucks fans are buying more Burrows, Luongo and Kesler jerseys than the Sedins. It's because they don't know which twin to get. I mean, people aren't made of money and they won't want to buy two jerseys of each twin. If the Sedins were one person, I'm sure "Sedin" would be the most popular jersey in Canucks history.


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